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July 3 2012

Josh Agarrado



Same name: Xald Balghostriped or Voltaire C. De Leon


My e-mail:

Xald06_Balghostriped@yahoo.com - for e mail msgs...
vcdeleon05@yahoo.com - for Yahoo Messenger
VoltsDeLeon@hotmail.com - for both msgs and chat (hotmail)
XaldBalghostriped@gmail.com - for msgs and chat

Updates (Sheet Music related)

New updates: (Philippines) (mm/dd/yy)

2010 New Sheet Music:
05/17/10 - A Day in the Order ~project~


Best Place to know if you have a perfect pitch:

Sebastian Wolff:
A designer and programmer with a specialty in web content, a film editor, animator, compositor, and one
generally proficient with computers and networking. On the side, He pursue a musical side and play piano,
something that has been an interest since age 5.
Check his Website to get some sheet music

Piano Tuts:
Piano Tutorials (FREE) just join ^^

Josh Agarrado:
A fellow Filipino musician. and an Arranger.

no description available...

The Bleach Hollow:
A Collection of images, Episodes (free to watch), Music (imeem)... they are all free to download
If your a big fan of Bleach, I suggest you join: http://thebleachhollow.wetpaint.com/accountnew
The Hollow's Features:
The Hollow's Features
  • All episodes, dubbed and subbed, with the latest eps posted! As well as any Bleach movies!
  • All Manga chapters, with the latest chapter posted!
  • Bleach info! In the form of jargon and Bios, as well as a comprehensive Episode Guide!
  • Ear candy, and the Music page be it!
  • Fan/Member submitted content (which you can be a part of when you become a member), as in: AMVs, Pics, Fan Art, Fan Fiction, and Bleach Abridged!
  • A page where you can drop a thread letting us know what we can do to improve the site, that'd be a good Suggestion I'd say.
  • Chatboxes............they speak for themselves, hopefully you'll do some speaking there too.

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