clan ACID

The clan of the BFG Lamers and BFG Whores

clan ACID is back

I am looking for good players to join clan ACID

Members (BFG Lamers)

MartinX - Clan leder and creator - Denmark.

Members of Clan ACID:








rules for clan ACID

1)  be a bfg lamer

2) multiclan allowed

3) use clantag [ACID] or non clantag if you like in your username.



6) I limit Clan ACID members to 7 members now.



Updated 23-06-2013


Past clanwar - ACID vs TD - demos from clanwar

Masterdan     - Humanbones         = MasterDan Victory
MARTINX   - mkx2                     = MARTINX Victory
MARTINX   - Vampire Knight      = MARTINX Victory
MARTINX   -  Suxarb                  = MARTINX Victory
MARTINX   -  Humanbones         = MARTINX Victory

Martin - MARTINX.

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