Brackwater Swamp

A Beautiful Day In The Swamp

Welcome to Brackwater Swamp!  You are just in time for the annual Swamp Stomp Dance.  Please wear snake boots.  Enjoy festive gator gumbo and dance the night away!

Here at Brackwater you will find the goblin girls and possibly meet the legendary swamp dog.  It's a place for good friends and fiends to gather round, tell stories and lose track of each other in the swamp.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, but most of all you will wonder why you are here.

Just remember, nothing is certain when you are certain of nothing. 

Avoid the quicksand.  Don't swim where large clusters of alligators are resting nearby.  Most importantly, if you are lucky enough to see the swamp dog, do not play fetch or you will become lost in the swamp.  It's a game that doggie likes to play. 

Also stay away from the carnivorous plants, don't eat anything poisonous.......and have fun.