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Welcome to Yu Yu Hearts!


Yu Yu Hakusho and Kingdom Hearts!

Hello, welcome to Yu Yu Hearts!  A site dedicated to Yu Yu Hakusho and Kingdom Hearts!^^Enjoy your visit and check out the forums, please^^You are currently in the main section of this website. I have my forums, Ansem Reports(guestbook), links and affliates, chat,and a little info on Yu Yu Hakusho and Kingdom Hearts. Here is a short guide to the other sections:

Fun - Here there are fun things such as parodies, quotes etc.

Artwork - As the name implies, here you can submit your own artwork, wallpapers, avatars, fanart or doujinshis.

Poltergeist Report - Hall of Fame( best monthly member in forums) My blog, videos and other suff^^



6th.June 2007

I was bored so I'm gonna write an update. I couldn't finish Bokutachi No Kisetsu on time 'cause it's pretty hard. I haven't complete the downloads, fandisplay and links page. But I guess right now I can start asking for fan stuff for the site. Please start submitting your fanart, fanfic or doujinshi for the site that is still under construction. I will try to finish it in another month or so. Like I said it's very hard for me especially when I am only beginning to learn HTML and CSS codes. Before the coding, I would like to collect enough fanworks. The downloads page WILL have eizou(some) and Poltergeist Report which I wanna ask if I am supposed to combine all 9 parts together into one file or just upload it like that. Please e-mail me your opinion. I will put up some doujinshi as well that are NOT yaoi.

I am so sorry that I am neglecting this site. But after the completion of Bokutachi no Kisetsu, I will update this site once again. Click the link below to see the uncomplete site and you can give me some suggestions:



1st. May 2007

I have to be early this month 'cause this is the beginning of the second month the site's been opened^^ or basically I was bored.I have decided to try and update this site as much as I can 'cause I really like it^^ Anyway on to the updates:

I added wallpapers, forum sigs, avs and icons in the artwork section( can't remember how many) There are a few quotes and captions in the fun section and I am going to start on the famous YKYWTMYYHW for Yu Yu Hakusho and YKYPTMKHW for Kingdom Hearts^^ The monthly videos page is up. Watch some videos there^^More links in the Links and Affliates page! No one joining the forums, so disappointing-_-'

I need some help around here to make wallpapers, icons and sigs. I can't make them alone, I'm bad in it! If you are good in making these stuff, just e-mail me and send a sample of your creation^^Please and thank you!

And if you are wondering what character is in my avatar up there, it's Youko^^I'm just telling you cause' sh....I mean HE looks like a girl in that avatar.





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