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06-02-08 TWA LIVES

Tainted Wishes Awards is officially back in business!

After a few complications, we ended up on something of an extended hiatus, but we are now back. Awards are being made up for the last round, and another addition we hope you'll enjoy is being added to the site.  More on that later, though. For now, we just wanted to update to say that the vids have been judged, and the awards will be made and posted soon.

Round 6 -- CLOSED

Round 7 -- NOT OPEN

Round 6 OPEN

Sorry for the delay, everyone, but Round 6 is officially OPEN! We've made a few changes to the rules, so be sure to check them out before submitting anything!


8/19/07 Round 5 Winners up!

Round Five winners are up, but round 6 will be delayed until a few new rules are added--which should be soon! Congratulations to the winners, and enjoy your awards!

Round 6 -- NOT OPEN

Sat, August 4th, 2007 - R5 closed

Entries are updated! ;D And Round Five is now closed with 34 submissions. Thanks for entering!

June 20, 2007 - Round 4 Winners + Round 5 Open!

After an unfortunate hiatus due to RL issues, Tainted Wishes Awards has returned! With a new layout, courtesy SimbiAni, and a new round of awards posted! Thanks for all your patience!
New matching button provided by SimbiAni as well :
("I finally get to be a hero...")

Round 5 open!

Round 5 Nominees -1/30 - 3 Spots Reserved OPEN!


SimbiAni - Without her, this site would have never been made. Thanks for the pick of websites, the tagboard, the forms, the button, and every other amazing thing you've done for me!

Quee Rose - Although I can't actually remember the name you came up with, I still credit you for inspiration for this sites name.

Warren - Contributed to the domain name.

SlytherinGirl - Thankies for two rounds of Co-Judging

merc0 - Thanks for helping out in Round 3, and signing up to be Contest Judge ^-^

BeautifulxDreamer - The deviant that provided the source material for TW's first logo image....

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