Yogasense - Pregnancy Class
             for Birth & Beyond

Pregnancy yoga class on Monday evening in Petts Wood

Pregnancy Yoga - Introduction

Pregnancy is the most amazing time in  a woman's life and giving birth a wonderful journey to parenthood.  It's a voyage of discovery - the classes will help provide you with a key to the navigation through this journey, illuminating your way through various creative approaches to the preparation and birth of your child.

 Making friends having fun and enjoying the company of like-minded women you'll learn coping strategies, how to make the most of your body, learning how to trust your innate wisdom and be confident in your power to give birth. 

The postures, breathing and relaxation techniques combine to release your body and mind of constrictions and constraints, so that you will feel a greater sense of well being and learn about how to calm the mind so to allow the body to get on with the process of birth.

Awareness of the availability of choice within the maternity systems of today.  Pathways such as homebirth, hospital birth, private independent midwife and doulas, how to make the most of your partner support and most importantly to teach how to support  the science of the physiology of birth and the irrefutable difference it makes to the labour and birth of your baby. 

About Lynda

After giving birth to 4 children and now a proud Grandma of 2, I wish that 34 years ago I had come across someone like myself now, who could have helped me through this process.  I feel  very passionate and enthusiastic about how women can make the most of this amazing experience easily and most joyfully utilising the skills of the ancient practice of yoga.

25 years ago I trained as a yoga instructor, inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.  Along the way I met some wonderful women who were active birth/yogabirth teachers who, in particular, use the 'Scaravelli' yogic principles as an aid in their classes - the release of the body via the breath, connection to the gravitational force, which results in an awakening of the 'wave' like undulations of the spine. The class I now teach for pregnancy, birth and beyond covers Bromley area and surrounds.  (mostly PRUH or Princess Royal). I find supporting and encouraging pregnant women and their babies to be a very rewarding and enriching experience.