Yogasense - Pregnancy Class
             for Birth & Beyond

Pregnancy yoga class on Monday evening in Petts Wood





*Follow the science of birth - physiology.

*Hormones released to birth the baby and contract the uterus are controlled by the primitive brain and are very sensitive to disruption. The higher brain can override the primitve brain at any time and causes the production of adrenaline which makes the birthing hormone oxytocin production stop, also stopping labour. 3 things that spark up the higher brain and the labouring woman needs to be protected from - even after the birth while the placenta is being delivered are:




*One to one midwifery support throughout labour - see

*Maintain an upright and forward position as this affords the pelvic  A THIRD more space for the baby

*Never go on your back as this compresses the veins and artery of the vena cava and aorta which in hinders the blood flow to the placenta causing the mother to have high blood pressure and the baby to become distressed.  If this happens get upright and forward - on all 4's as quickly as possible

*For as long as possible when birth happens remember KIDI (Keep It Dark and Intimate)

*Keep the body as relaxed as possible - this is where the yoga birthing skills come in (breathing, posture, affirmantions, relaxations, visualisations, toning, massage). Let the main muscle of birth, the uterus do the work - tension in other parts of the body cause the energy needed to go to other muscles and things take longer

*Learning to breath properly helps to fuel labour.  Maintaining a deep exhalation calms the mind, relaxes the body and gives focus to the birth, so by gently humming with each out breath you extend the amount you can gently breath in during a contraction and then relax using hypnobreathing

*Know that a contraction/surge only lasts for a short while (up to about 90 seconds), then there is complete peace in between - rest in the spaces

*Massage, nipple and clitoral stimulation all help produce the hormone for birth needed - oxytocin.  Don't be shy, birth your baby the easy way and maintain these essential basic elements - your midwife should know all about this - look at  Also log onto

*Know that a labouring woman cooks up her own pain relief in the form of endorphins, which are hugely more powerful than any drug known to man, but there is a 20 minute time lapse from when they are needed to when the body manufactures them - know that in 20 mins your endorphins will arrive!