Yogasense - Pregnancy Class
             for Birth & Beyond

Pregnancy yoga class on Monday evening in Petts Wood

                          Yoga - What it does for you in general

Yoga does not require time so much as mindful concentration and awareness. The gift of Yoga is a skill for life not just something you isolate into your moments of practice.

When you do Yoga the following happens:

You learn to breathe as you are designed to, with the diaphragm. 
The diaphragm is attached by ligaments to your lumber spine and pelvis. 
So as you breathe the spine moves.
The principal muscle groups involved in respiration are also your key postural muscle groups.
Therefore how you breathe determines the postural balance and structural hygiene of the body.
Integrating your breathing with movement in yoga determines the postural integrity of the body and therefore protects you from strain and injury.
Mechanically the action of respiration is intimately connected with the action of the heart, lymphatic circulation and other vital physiological processes.
Shallow breathing is a response to fear; tension is a response to fear.
Breathing correctly you release tension/fear - hence the emotional and psychological changes triggered by proper breathing and augmented by mindful movement.
Movement and release originate in the structural centre of the body - the spinal column. You work from the inside out. Not from the periphery in.
As the Breath of Yoga balances the anatomical and physiological workings of the body it is evident how it can be so beneficial to common conditions arising from poor posture and respiration such as backpain, indigestion, insomnia to name but a few.
Yoga contributes positively to your life and wellbeing.