Yogasense - Pregnancy Class
             for Birth & Beyond

Pregnancy yoga class on Monday evening in Petts Wood


Wednesdays 7-8.30pm in Petts Wood

Small class from 12 weeks onwards held in beautiful, relaxing surrounds ~  yoga plus everything you need for the birth you want ~ different every week ~ feel good, friendly and fun!

What this class will do for you

*confidence in pregnancy and birth will grow

*free cd teaches relaxation and hypnobreathing

*have fun and make new friends

*helps you prepare for all avenues of birth from home 

waterbirth to elective c section and everything in between

*teaches you how to breath and relax and make things easier during labour

*promotes body circulation,  flexibility, strength

 and posture

*teaches how to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy

*practice labour and birthing positions

*hone your birthing skills for a more joyous birth

*learn how to make the most of your birth supporter - massage techniques, what he can do for you and himself

*learn to trust in your innate ability to birth and feel confident

*teaches the science and secrets to an easier more joyful birth

*meet newborn mums and their babies

*chance to speak to birth specialists such as independent midwife and birth doulas

*learn about the different maternity options available to you

*main hospital covered is PRUH.  The class covers areas of Bromley, Orpington, Sidcup, Beckenham, St. Mary and St. Paul's Cray, Chislehurst, Bickley, Petts Wood, Farnborough, Bexley and surrounds

*FREE CD - 'Birthing Relaxations' - Nadine says in: "I would like to say that the birth CD was a great help and it really helped me focus on my breathing to deal with the pains

* £15 per class on  Wednesdays 7 - 8.30pm in a beautiful Petts Wood home

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What classmates say

"I am so glad that I attended your amazing  classes and highly recommend them to any expectant mum. I can honestly say they were invaluable , really helped me  relax during my pregnancy and to prepare for giving birth. 
My pregnancy was difficult and stressful and the classes gave a lovely relaxing time,  supportive place of calm, opportunity to meet lots of other mums to be whilst receiving info and guidance plus talks from local birth and pregnancy experts.   With the yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques. I always felt better after each class and knew I had done something that would benefit both me and my baby."  Hannah 2018

Thanks again for all the support Lynda.  I do think that the work you do with us gets our heads into the right space and to know that we're made to do this really does help...... and I just love all the girls in the class, lots of love."  Mandy  2018

" I really enjoyed the classes and am a little sad not to be able to come along to them anymore."  Elaine 2018

"Thank you for all your advice Lynda!  I will miss the weekly yoga classes but have made such good friendships through the class that have definitely helped me adjust to motherhood over the last 9 days!  Looking forward to a catch up and introducing you to Phoebe soon!" Chloe 2018

"I'll miss the classes but I'm looking forward to joining the reunions so you can meet little Jack."  Thea 2018 

"The advice from your classes was invaluable, I felt in control during the second stage and was able to block everything out and listen to my body!"  Rachel 2018  

"Thanks again Lynda for all of your help! I felt so much more prepared going in as a results."  Tess 2018

"Thank you so much for all your advice and support in and out of the classes!  All the fun and giggles were crucial to help me through all the challenges of pregnancy with a smile and a positive outlook on everything.  Keep making the girls laugh and giving them inspiration for a good birth experience!  I made great friends in the class and I'm grateful for that."  Flavia 2018  

"Your calming advice definitely helped during my last weeks of pregnancy and labour."  Caroline 2018

"Thanks so much for all you taught me in class, it definitely set me up in all the right ways.  I'll miss the classes."  Claire 2018

"Thank you Lynda, your classes are amazing."  Alaina 2018

"I thought I’d had to write to say thank you to you. I attended your classes back in the summer 2015 and had my daughter Elinor in the October.  I was overjoyed I fell pregnant again  and was due on the 2nd February this year. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to your classes again ( which I deeply regret). I did however listen up your cd and decided my body could do this and opted for a vbac. Your CD  was my lifesaver -  without your guidance I could not have done it!  Bethan 2018

"Even though I only managed to come to 3 of your yoga classes at the end of my pregnancy - I found them very enjoyable and useful.  The class was so much more than a yoga class and the contacts you introduced me to were also excellent."  Sonia 2018

"I’m really proud that I went to your amazing classes. Can’t tell you how much it helped having a nice relaxing evening to look forward to every Wednesday amongst lots of very nice people - I really miss it now!"  Grace's mum 2018  

I would like to thank all my  Yogabirth ladies and their babies for giving me their beautiful photos for this website