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Project's Type : Action 3.1 (Youth in Action)

Venue : Baia Mare, Romania

Dates : 7th - 16th August 2009

Organizer : Yellow Shirts Romania (HISTARCH Association)

Partners : Azerbaijan, Estonia, Moldova, Poland, Turkey


 Project's Summary

The theme of this project is to challenge young people’s perception of their cultural identity. In a world permeated by globalization it has become increasingly harder to separate our national specifics out of mainstream and widespread behavioral assets. More specifically, the way in which our personal identity fits in what should be our country’s cultural identity is the Achilles’ heel of today’s modern society, we have decided to touch upon through this project. 6 groups will participate in the activities planned to take place in Baia Mare, Romania from 7th - 16th August 2009. 36 youngsters are invited to bring with them what they consider to be the authentic values of their country, and in the quest for finding them, we hope they will be subjected to a soul searching experience. In addition, as every group reveals its customs and cultural heritage, in consonance with the modern personality of the youth, we expect that all participants will learn more about the different traits that characterize nations other than their own. We expect a fruitful collaboration with teenager from Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Poland, Turkey and Estonia. Activities will include workshops, PowerPoint presentations, experimenting with traditional cuisine from each country, creative multilingual writings (such as songs, poetry, press articles, thematic slogans, etc).





Number: 5+1 participants per country


Work language: English


Gender balance


Humor and good time it's a must have





30% from the travel expensive (70% will be reimbursed by Romanian National Agency)





  • workshops
  • games
  • discussions
  • round tables
  • presentations
  • Baia Mare tour and surroundings