Yellow Shirts Romania

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When and How did we form?

The Yellow Shirts group was formed on 15th March 2008. Since then, we are trying to get involved in as many activities as we can, starting from participating in youth exchanges, training courses, voluntary work, but also organizing activities in the local community, international projects.

Who are we?

We are a group of young people aged mainly between 17-23. We activate mostly in the local community, but also at national and even international level. Through our local activities, we are trying to improve the conditions of young people in our area and help them develop their personal identity. The group's aim is to encourage the youngsters to get involved in the everyday life of their community.

We mainly focus on themes such as environment, culture and traditions, and last but not least human right. Because nowadays these are the most problematic issues of our society and of every individual, we want to make the young people understand the importance of national values for each country.

  The culture and traditions are important for the development of everyone. A society that forgets its culture and traditions it forgets its roots. These are the things that make us so different and unique among the others and about which we should be proud of and try to preserve their values.

The importance of preserving the environment and recycling is vital. We want to encourage the youngsters to understand this issue and try to prevent the impact that its destruction has on everyone of us. A clean environment is an important step in the development of our society.

 We try to promote the human rights among the youth in order to make them respect them and tolerate the differences that are between each and everyone of us. We strongly believe that respect is gained and not given and in order to gain it, one must first respect those around them before pretending it.

 We want to send/host as many youngsters as possible in exchange projects. We search/organize projects, apply and then form the groups in order with the projects' need.


Our members' number keeps on changing due to the activities we are involved in. Anyone who attends one or even more of these projects on behalf of this group, automatically remains as a member in our data base, but it's free to leave whenever he/she wants (contact us). 

Being a member of this group involves attending regular meetings (face to face or online conferences), coming with new ideas for projects and helping organizing them, be willing of getting involved in the activities that we have, being eager to discover new things, being highly motivated to get involved in the group's actions, traveling (mostly) around Europe and wearing the yellow shirt :)

The members that are already subscribed have priority for the activities we have. Becoming a member* doesn't involve too many things that have to be done: all you have to do is to contact us in order to send you an invitation to join the group; also you will be contacted by us and then you will appear as a member of our group.



The group's activity it is based only on  voluntary work and so it is not compulsory to subscribe neither to remain subscribed. Besides the personal experience you gain and the good moments you spend, you don't get paid for your contribution, but you are given the chance to participate in other activities.