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Welcome to Yarn or a Tale! The site's changed some and now, in order to shop, please click on the Etsy link in the sidebar or the Etsy Mini widget.  If you'd rather not use the Etsy platform for checking out, just email me a list of the stuff you want (yarnoratale AT gmail DOTcom) along with your zipcode and I'll send you a Paypal invoice. (More information about the changes below) Please browse and enjoy your shopping experience and if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to contact me!  I'm happy to custom dye more of a colorway for large projects or dye a particular colorway in another fiber so don't be afraid to ask :) 

Things have changed a bit...

You'll notice that I've switched the shopping option for the site to my Etsy storefront.  This allows me to track my inventory efficiently and offer better shipping options and lots more photos of the fibers I sell.  I'm also working on a storefront for this site (The Webstore in the sidebar) where I plan to feature some sale items, odds and ends and a better selection of handcrafted goat's milk soaps.  Soon I hope to begin offering natural fiber socks made here (by myself on commercial machines) in the USA.  Eventually I'll be moving my laps to the Webstorebut for now you can purchase them in the old way right off the page by clicking the link in the sidebar.

If you prefer shopping another way, please contact me and I'm happy to send you a Paypal invoice for the items you'd like to purchase. 

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Mission Statement (sort of!)

I work at a local woolen mill here in Michigan (Zeilinger Wool Company) and as a result, almost all my fiber is processed here, in my own community.  I have the ability to cherry pick the fiber from the ground up ~ I can purchase the quality fleeces I want and have them processed to my own specifications.  Because of this, you may be surprised at the fineness of our Romney rovings or the softness of our Border Leicester. 

I purchase fleeces from American and local (to me!)  Michigan shepherds and farms, and have it processed into rovings here where I work.   It's extremely important to me to be able to support the businesses in my own community and the shepherds here in my own state or in the United States.  If staying in the fiber business meant having to sell imported goods, I'm not sure that I would make that choice ~ this is absolutely that important to me. 

I realize that the imported commercial fibers are very popular with most spinners but I hope you'll consider trying some of the product produced here, in our own communities and on American soil.  Not all wool is as next-to-the-skin soft as imported merino and superwash and BFL, but it ALL has a purpose and can be better suited for a variety of things in terms of how hard it wears, its luster, its ability to take dyes, and its ease of spinning and affordability.  I guarantee you that socks spun from good old American Romney will outlast socks spun from superwash merino, hands down. 

And we have much more than sheep's wool grown here in this country...we have alpacas and llamas and mohair goats and buffalo and pygora goats and angora rabbits, raised by people here in the U.S. and processed by mills, here in the U.S.  So next time you're thinking about a spinning project or fibery splurge, I hope you'll take a few minutes to consider the fibers and yarns produced by your countrymen and women, your neighbors, and perhaps, even your own community :) 

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Important Shipping Information for US and International Customers

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