Yarnall Dojo

Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate


                                                                Sensei Robert Yarnall

Bob Yarnall, a shorin-ryu instructor, opened his first dojo in 1962 in St. Louis, Mo., where he has remained to this day. A student of James Wax, Yarnall has instructed such pioneers as Jim Harrison, Parker Shelton, and Bill Marsh, who was a successful competitor in the European karate circuit. Yarnall is probably the best-known exponent of Matsubayashi-ryu in the U.S. and has been a long time member of Trias' USKA.

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Robert Yarnall's 1968 Gateway Open Karate Tournament, St. Louis, MO.

Left to Right: Robert Yarnall, St. Louis, MO; James McLain, Nashville, TN; James Kennedy (d), Kokomo, IN; James Pachivas (d), Miami, FL; Phillip Koeppel, Peoria, IL; James Chapman (d), Aurora, IL; James Jones, Chicago, IL.

Left to right: Bob Yarnall, John Townsley, Jim Chapman, Robert Trias, Ed Parker, John Kuhl, and Parker Shelton at the Midcontinental Karate Championships in 1969.


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