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It's not my way or your way, but Yahweh

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One thing I notice about people is that there are few that are actually wanting to know the real truth and I truly believe that too many people believe that they can plead ignorance when the time comes... there is nothing farther from the truth than that.  Yahweh will make sure no man will be able to plead ignorance, all men will know the truth when the time comes.  To me, it seems that the foreigners seem to want the truth more than American people and it's the Americans that have so many resources available to them and yet, they stay in ignorance and the lies. 

Salvation comes again during the 7 Year Peace Plan after WW3.  Those who have died from Constantine's reign, who had killed the last of Yahweh's elect with his 11th Emperor persecution that never heard the truth up to those who die right before the truths and salvation is given again during the 7 Year Peace Plan, Yahweh will raise them up during the Millennial Kingdom and teach them Himself.  There will be no excuses for not knowing the whole truth.  So each person will end up choosing who they will serve, Satan and eternal death where a person will never exist again or Yahweh and eternal life. 


This is what I do:  I am not out to save anyone, because this is Satan's

world and there is no salvation for today.  I'm out for the real truth and

to let people know what is coming, when salvation is given again and

when the Latter Rain is poured out again.  Because you must have

Yahweh's Spirit infilling to be HIS.


Jeremiah 20:8-9  Whenever I speak, I cry out proclaiming violence and destruction. So the word of Yahweh has brought me insult and reproach all day long. But if I say, "I will not mention Him or speak any more in His Name," His Word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.


america stand together This has literally been my life. When everything tells you that you can, thats when you get on your knees where God tells you that you can :)



    "A Dormant Mind Is Death To Knowledge" by Gary Wendell Stanfield

    “When you are uneducated on a subject, it is best to keep your mouth shut and open your mind. When you are educated on a subject, that is the time to open your mouth using your mind.”  by  Gary Wendell Stanfield


    All truth goes through four (4) phases:

    First it is ridiculed.

    Second it is violently opposed.

    Third it is denied.

    Fourth it is accepted as self-evident.

    Web Addresses For Yahweh As The Messiah's Name.

    "HIS NAME IS YAHWEH"  By Neil Snyder

    His free download for his book:  "His Name Is Yahweh"



    His Facebook Yahweh site.


    He uses Jesus as the birth given name.  But admits that Yahweh is the true name of the Messiah.


    This website is good even though it uses pagan deity names, that Christianty uses, which the guy is a Christian.  It has a lot of different interesting articles.