Hey yall and welcome to xXx Tru Nectar xXx

This is a petz 3/4 site. Read the updates below to find out whats new. If your looking for trades have a look on my adoption page. If you like the site feel free to link and we'll link ya right back! If you enjoyed the site please click here.


25/06/07 - Crew completed!

23/06/07 - Rest of crew listed - piccies shortly, adoption pics updated with adopted petz. New competions page with shows, find it and hexing competion. New counter!!

Okay here are expected updates due to be completed by the end of today. Crew finished, raffles and raffle shoutbox up, more find its winning prize codes.

What you could be seeing shortly for adoption could be these: Maddie McCann labs/calis, Pregnant dalis and siams, Burgular catz, Glastonbury danes, baby persians (dummy blanket/teddy), hoodie alleys, seasonal maine coons, spiderman 3 petz, starburst petz, my little pony.

27/05/07 - New litters up, new links up, new games up, adoptions ordered 1) cats, 2) dogs, 3) singles.

10/05/07 - Adoptions and prizes now have there adoption shoutboxes up so you dont have to email a form! New pages added.

13/05/07 - Just remodeling the site atm. having to make most of it on freewebs because geocities doesnt want to work lol. All adoptions and prizes are up.

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