Lijing in Canada

My book, "Lijing in Canada” was released on Feb. 1, 2018 by Dixie W publishing cooperation. This book collects more than 60 of my articles across 32 years of my life in Canada. The book can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble。

Welcome to My Personal Website

Dec. 30, 06

Hello, Everybody!

This is my 1st webpage. I am a Chinese Canadian. I have been in Montreal for over twenty-two years. I originally came from Chongqing China. I have so many relatives and friends who live there. I miss them so much. I work at Merck Frosst which is a pharmaceutical company. I am doing drug development there. I have two beautiful daughters and lovely husband. This website is here for me to share the information with you about me and my family. Comments and suggestions regarding this website are always welcome.

Thanks for your visit.

Important People in My Life

My parents:              Baosan Xu-father

                                   Senoir manager in China, old Chinese solider and joined

                                   II world war


                                    Xuanjin Shi-mother

                                    Gave up her rich family, followed the Chinese army

                                    and became an engineer

                             They gave me a life, raised me, supported me and provided

                                    a lot of unconditionally love me


My friend:                   Zhendi Wu

                                   An intelligent woman and my childhood friend, who is living

                                   in London now and whom introduced me to my husband   


My husband:                Ganlin Wang

                                   A very smart man with a good sense of humor, who has a PhD

                                   in material engineer

                            Loves me & shares his life with me


My children:                Julie & Shirley                                  

                                    Beautiful daughters whom I am responsible for


My sisters & brother:   Ling, Shengmei & Hua  

                                   Shares the same blood, happiness and sadness with them


My supervisor:             Dr. Jim Martin

                            World famous medical professor in the respiratory field,

                                   whom I have worked with for 6 years,

                                   leading me to the interesting field of science.

                                   A handsome man with a very nice personality


My best friends:         Xiaorong, Weisan, Qifu, Ceihui, Fengyi, Bixia, Hua and others

                                  Life time friends who I can talk to, share family matters

                                  together and has parties and activities with