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♥~Closed until next year~♥
Check Updates section for all dates I do not work!
I am taking a bit of a hiatus from new customers. If you are a previous customer with good standing I will consider your commission or those who are referred and vetted by previous customers. I am very sorry for the inconvenience but I must think of my health first and foremost and the stress I have been getting from new impatient customers is not worth what little I actually make per commission.
Please make sure that if you commission me, you know that I do struggle with health issues which I am very open about. I do take time to do the work but I am always open to chat and will always keep you informed when I have new photos or something goes wrong.
The best way to see delays is through my Facebook page and through this site. 

                        ~*~I do not work Saturdays or Sundays~*~

I do not paint recast dolls 

About Chi No Tenshi

Chi no Tenshi is about customization of dolls all alike-- Resin BJDs, Vinyl, ABS-- You name it! I have been working on doll customization for many years now from barbie repaints to BJD modifications. It is a great treasure when you can make a living out of what you truly enjoy and that is why I am here. I do face-ups and repaints, I do modifications and restorations, and I have done some rather amazing tattoo jobs. For the most part I work on BJDs. A lot of my work is mold-able meaning that I can do what others want/need with very little deviation for the client's personal vision. I had to be a human printer for a year and a half so I am pretty good at following both visual, verbal, and even characteristics sent in a bio about said doll. Do not be afraid to ask if I can do a specific style you want! Just because I do not have it in my portfolio it does not mean I cannot do it.
 The Heart System
[b]The Heart System[/b]
With each order I will fill in one heart (I keep a list so please do not cheat). After you fill 3 hearts, your next order will get the 15% discount. Once you have filled up a card you will get a special thank you gift from me (as well as a new card to fill out). Make sure you do not throw out your card until it is time for a new one ^_^~ <3 


About Jisatsu

Hello, I am Jisatsu (or some call me Ji, for short) or you can even call me Stevie. I live in California and I have been in the hobby since 2005. I have been doing face-ups on BJDs since 2006 and have enjoyed every one (even if there were hardships). I have grown a lot since my first face-up and will always continue to grow! I enjoy quite a lot of other things from anime, manga, singing, dancing and various other forms of artwork. I cannot always enjoy everything fully as I do have some health complications that I have to work around most days. My dolls are my passion and I am grateful to have so many new and old friends who support me with this work that I do. I hope to get many more new friends and my greatest wish is to help you all bring your dolls to life.

My Commission Process

Please do not purposefully send me a recast doll. I will know and then you will be out shipping both ways with no work. I will not oust you or destroy your doll... But I will not work on it.
I go by a strict process so that my customers are getting what they want out of my work. I do this not only for them but also to cut the cost of my commissions by not having to waste materials. I will NOT seal something until it has been approved so please PLEASE PLEASE tell me if something needs to be changed/added in the appropriate stage. I will not be unprofessional and get angry with you.

First Step

--Base layer: This layer will be the base blushing and the basic palette and placement of eyebrows. There are no details on this layer.

Second Step:

--Depth and basic details: This layer will start to shape the character you have. This will add some depth to creases where needed and will make the faceup less 'flat'. You will also have details on this layer.
*PearlEX or no- this is a good time to tell me if you want shimmer, where, how much and what colors. Shimmer is optional.

Third Step

Glossing and upper lashes: This layer is the final one~! Please make sure you tell me the level of gloss you want on your doll.
Then you must choose to have or not have upper eyelashes applied. If I supply the lashes, please choose from the ones I show you. If you supply them, I will place the ones provided.

You will get final shots and then we discuss shipping. Please be respectful at all times. If there is something I did not do on the base layer that needs done, let me know BEFORE the base is sealed. Do not approve the base then remind me of something during the detail step. I do things the way I do for a reason and it throws me off when this happens. 


-Citadel Purity Seal Matte
-Zoukeimura UV finishing powder
-Rembrandt soft pastels
-Liquitex acrylics for airbrush
-Iwata Neo airbrush
-Zoukeimura acrylic dollfie paints
-Kimberly / B&N watercolor pencils
-Tamiya Color X-22 clear gloss
-Wesco Magic-Sculpt resin epoxy
-Loctite Gel control super glue (resin safe)
-Jaquard PearlEx powders 
Payment methods and Disclaimers
First and foremost I DO NOT accept shipping payment until AFTER the commission is done. You may pay commission before or after work is done but you MUST ALWAYS pay shipping after.
***Shipping! I will only ship with a method which allows tracking. I would love to be able to trust my customers not to lie but I have caught someone doing this and that person has gone on to slander my name. I always get tracking! 

20% nonrefundable down-payment on slots. 
This does not apply to those simply asking how much all the work they want done will be... This is only for those who want to hold a slot.
How it will go is after I give the total for the work I will ask you if you would like to hold a slot and tell you the fee. If you say yes, the fee must be paid within 24 hours to hold your slot.


Example of the fee::::

1 faceup(no applied lashes) $65
Fee: $13 (20%)
Total left to pay: $44

If you pay all up front (no work has been done) and you back out for any reason, you will be refunded the total minus the 20%.

Reminder... This fee is NONREFUNDABLE. Meaning... if you back out for any reason that fee is forfeit. 


I know how tough it can be to afford things in this hobby and sometimes it can take months to be able to fund customization on a doll. I accept Payment Plans for this! If you need to pay bit by bit to have me work on your doll, I will do so happily.** Simple faceup on one doll only qualifies for 2 payments if needed. No longer than that.

I do accept trades for dolls and doll items in exchange for my services. I prefer partial trades but sometimes doll trades will get you a lot of work. If I think the workload is too much, I will let you know. You must still pay return shipping for your commission.

I do things step by step for a reason and it is to save both you and I money. If I have to change my method, I will have to charge more and I do not want to do that... That said, if I finish a commission and you suddenly decide it is not what you want, I do not give refunds but I can redo the work.

I charge for redoing an entire faceup. You will pay $5 for cleaning and a $15 redo fee for this. If you would prefer not to have it redone then you still must pay the $5 cleaning fee. (blushing is $15 for cleaning)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know of ANY damage your doll has before sending them to me.
Payment methods accepted
PayPal: This is my preferred method. You do not have to pay personal with me but if you need to do a Payment Plan, I require you pay fees.
Money Order: This needs to be shipped WITH tracking. No exceptions. I NO LONGER ACCEPT CASH COMMISSIONS!


I do have an immunity issue and I get sick a bit here and there. When I am sick, I will not touch commissions. I would not want a sick person touching my dolls and I share that same respect with my commissioners. 
Art takes time and sometimes bigger projects will take me a while to get done. I have a small space to work with and I also have a personal life. Please let me know if you have a deadline that needs to be met before you send me your order. I will let you know if it is possible for me to meet your needs. 
If I find that you are unreasonable, rude or impatient at any time during the commission, I WILL stop the commission and have your doll shipped back to you. I will then no longer accept your commissions. I do this because I enjoy helping to bring characters to life... I love it... But if it is doing harm to my health in any way, I reserve the right to discontinue service.

Please remember to provide accurate descriptions of what you want before sending the doll. Sketches are accepted as well as mock-ups. I will NOT copy another artists work or another persons doll. I WILL recreate default face-ups or restore your dolls former face-up (if it is another artists' work but your own doll / if it is a limited company face-up your doll had originally). I reserve the right to refuse service if I find you are not agreeable. A happy artist makes for faster turn-around. I Do Not turn down any company/make/color/condition/materials! If it can have a face-up or mods, I will do it. If you are not sure if I will paint something, feel free to PM me and ask. 



Skype : kasey.riddle13 




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