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What is a Kaliedecopia?

The word was coined by my favorite obscure author, Zohra Greenhalgh; it's the "collision of kaliedescope and cornucopia".

I have a vast profusion of intresets in specific directions.  That sounds kind of funny, but that's how it is.  I'm a voracious reader of science fiction, an unrepentant player of Role-Playing games, a Japanese Animation fan ("anime otaku") of long standing, and a partisan Playstation gamer.

This is where they all meet.  In the words of The Great Luke Ski, I am my own target audience; I hope you manage to find this enjoyable anyway. 


How could I have not mentioned this sooner?  My operating system of choice since 2007!  I am a Registered Linux User, #459491.  My first installation was a fairly short-lived distribution called Easy Linux.  After that, Fedora 7.  Since then, I've tried a wide variety of distributions and desktop environments.  Ubuntu's Unity is OK, but I generally prefer KDE (on hardware that will support it), and a true "root" user (passing parameters through sudo is such a pain); when needed, I shift to lightweight desktops based on XFCE or LXDE.  I infrequently attend meetings of the Milwaukee Linux Users Group, and have set up and take care of three internet terminals at a local coffee shop, and a non-technically-oriented friend's machine.

My 2014/15 favored distros:

PCLinuxOS 2014.12 KDE
Manjaro 0.8.*
LinuxMint 17.1 (Long term release)

Previously liked:

previous releases of PCLOS, 2007+
previous releases of SimplyMEPIS, 7.5+
previous releases of Linux Mint, 3.1("Celena")+
Mageia 2, 3, and 4
LXLE (I just wish they had a direct distro download, instead of torrenting)

Honorable mentions:

Zenwalk, Absolute Linux, Sabayon Linux, SolydXK, Alt Linux, and Vector Linux

Why I almost exclusively read webcomics now

When I formerly read (print) comics regularly, I was more of a Marvel/Image fan, with occasional forays into what would now be called "indies".  I liked DC's iconic characters, but couldn't get into the actual stories.  But all of the character innovations I liked most (especially in the Bat-family, Carrie Kelly as Robin; Stephanie Brown as Spoiler, Batgirl, or even Nightwing ferchissake; Cassandra Cain/Batgirl) seem to get dropped or retconned out.  The top echelons of DC seem to regard the characters as "toxic", all while utterly disregarding their atist/creators and fan voices.  Hell they might have even started getting money from me if they'd stuck with it.  Then, there's the whole "Women in Refrigerators" thing (which Marvel is equally guilty of)...

Read more about DC's PR goofs at The Outhouse.

So, I read a lot of webcomics now, over 100 at last count.  Sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, modern, superhero, anthro, human-centric, I don't care, if it's good, I'll read it.  Here's a representative sample of my reading list (easy enough to search, title + "webcomic" ought to get you there.  I may edit in linkages later):

Superheroing with a twist (usually upended tropes):
Grrl Power
Sidekick Girl
Atomic Laundromat
Evil, Inc.
The Adventures of Gyno-Star
League of Super-Redundant Heroes

(or sometimes even one that plays the tropes fairly straight:) DynaGirl

Old-school anthropomorphic:
21st Century Fox
Jack, the Sin of Wrath
(occasionally NSFW)
The Whiteboard
Kevin & Kell
(and Bill Holbrook's non-anthro stuff as well!)
Sabrina Online
Love Me Nice
(but I'm not completely averse to jeune ecole furry):  Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures

Fresh take on Fantasy (Classic and Urban):
Flaky Pastry
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
(occasionally NSFW)
Order of the Stick
Wapsi Square
Gunnerkrigg Court
Girl Genius
(or anything else by Studio Foglio)
anything involving Gisele Lagace (Eerie Cuties, Magick Chicks, School Bites, etc.)

Putting the FUN in dysFUNctional:
Questionable Content
Girls With Slingshots
Shotgun Shuffle
Mary Elizabeth's Sock
Groovy, Kinda

Artist/author (semi)autobiographical:
The Devil's Panties
Wasted Talent
Piled Higher and Deeper

Introspection on Artistic natures:
Go Get a Roomie (occasionally NSFW)

If you know a webcomic that falls into these major headings, feel free to recommend it to me!

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