Princess Kira

Princess Wyoangel

Spring 2013

Well, Kira's 15th birthday is fast approaching. I will update more soon.

Summer 2011 Update

Well, we are doing alright this summer. We sent balloons for Kira's 13th Birthday in April and more in July for the 7th Heaven Day. Russ wrote a heartwrenching poem about how 7 years ago today our hearts were broken when we lost Kira. We still miss her everyday. Riley is gearing up for 3rd grade and is growing so much, he is a handsome young man. I feel he was robbed the most from this loss, he lost a best friend and life long companion. I volunteered through hospice for the children's grief camp and brought him along as a participant, I think the butterfly release and tree planting helped him a bunch. ABATE, Shriners, Hospice and work keep me busy. Thank you for your continued support and love.


Update - July 2010

Kira would have been 12 this year, and we sure have missed seeing her grow up. We have been enjoying our new house, and playing with Riley. He did well in first grade and is excited to start second grade here soon. He has passed Kira's age, so we are in new territory with him. It is nice that we can see her in him, so she still lives on in him. Here are a couple of pictures from Kria's Birthday release this year, it was a gloomy day. We are going to have a release for Kira's 6th Heavenday on the 21st.


Updated 4/09

Kira would have been 11 this year. I was so sick that I did not even have the energy to find a poem. This year hurts, there is so much we have missed out on in her life. Riley is doing well in school. He is a great kid, and talks about Kira often. We miss her so much, it is not fair she is gone. So many hopes and dreams for her gone. At least she looks like Riley so she can live on through him. Thank you for your love and support.

Update 9/08

Here are some pictures from Kira's 10th Birthday Balloon Release. It was a little cold out. We sure do miss her.

Updated April 5, 2008

We sure are missing you. We have been getting ready for your 10th Birthday Balloon Release. I never put up the pics from July 21, 2007. Riley is getting so big. He cannot wait to go to Kindergarten. He asks more questions about you and wants to give you a hug in Heaven. He was trying to send you hamsters tied to the balloons in his dream the other night. Give him some extra love.

You would have been 9 this Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Kira. We love and miss you. We cleaned up your plot, got new rocks and flowers, and spread some pixie dust. Riley is getting big, and we all could use one of your hugs.

Love, Mom


 Carter and Riley are getting so big. Here is a picture from Christmas. They made out like bandits. They were both so small when you were here. Now they are as smart and full of energy as you were. We sure miss you, Kira.



Here is Riley at his 4th Birthday party. That is a dinosaur cake.

He can name many of them and acts like a T-Rex. It is too cute.



Here is Riley showing off for the camera. He is showing me how tough he is. You used to do that, too. I have a cute picture of you showing me the same pose. He looks so much like you. He speaks, sings, and dances like you.






August 15, 2006

Well, sorry it has been some time since the last update. We have been busy little bees. I have included here some pics from Kira's 2nd heaven Day anniversary. We had a good turn out and released over 100 balloons. Riley released at least 40 himself. He loves to give his Sissy balloons, you cannot give him one to play with...he wants to send it to Sissy. We sure do miss Kira. Keeping busy helps. Thank you, Lysh, for getting these photos for me. I appreciate you help.


Updated site April 24, 2006

This has been a tough month for us. We had Kira's Birthday Balloon release on the 9th. Thank you all who showed up and expressed your love to us. It was a beautiful day for balloons, bubbles, and glitter. Here are a few pictures from the gathering.


January 18, 2006

Well, it has been awhile since I have updated. The holidays were safe and full of love. We sure did miss our Princess, just not the same without her wonderful smile. I gave her new flowers and gifts at her site. I cannot wait for the winds to clam down and the weather to warm some. I think it will help with our moods. I want to have another balloon release on her Birthday this year. Russ, Riley and I all started school yesterday. I am so distressed about putting Riley in a day care. It is so hard for me to trust someone with him, but he needs some social skills with other kids. We are still waiting to hear from our attorney about what is going on with our case. There still is not a moment that passes that my heart eases from the pain of losing my girl...........I just want to hold her again and to see her grow. Riley's daycare is right by her old school, and it is hard, but I cannot avoid it forever. Russell's Mom's sorority dedicated some beautiful books to the library in Douglas in memory of Kira. They are all princess books and are just magnificent. They all have a sticker inside with her picture and dedication. What a wonderful gift, Thank you.


I am trying out another memorial web page, too.

Check it out at 

It has some different features than this one, I like the candles you can light for her on it.

Well, it has been a rough month. My Birthday was October 21st and our case was announced on the news. I am optimistic we will have a good outcome so we can make a difference with this whole ordeal. I can only try to do something good with all of this pain.

I have changed the site a bit. I added a chatroom and need input from ya'll when would be a good time to meet. I have also added some helpful links, grief information, and poems.

This is a site that a fellow grieving mother added Kira to the link of Angel friends. Thank you Meredith, I appreciate your support.


It is exactly what I wanted.....I am so humbled. There are two giant penwheels at the top corners. Her memorial is the most beautiful at the cemetary. We miss her so much.

It just does not seem real at times.

July 21, 2004

My princess drowned at a public swimming pool.

She was so beautiful.

A senseless accident that has touched hearts of all who know her.

April 9, 1998 was when she was put into my arms for the next 6 years and 3 months.

We will cherish every moment we had the honor of having with her. 

She will always be remembered for her smile and energetic love of life.

She loved to read, play dress up, have tea parties, watch cartoons, draw, play with her Leappad, write love letters to Harry Potter, ride her bike, play with her friends, and so much more.

She adored her little brother and all of our family and friends.

We will never forget you, Kira. I will add more later. Thank you for visiting my first memorial site for my princess.

Thank you for support through this trying time. We appreciate all of the love and prayers sent to us. We will never be back to normal, but we can grow.




You can contact me by email at

I added a guest book, so please sign it.

We sure have been missing her a bunch lately. I need a hug from her so bad. I cannot stand that I will not be able to hold her till we meet again.

Thank you so much for all of the love and support we have received from all.

August 5, 2005

This year sure has been an adventure. Her Birthday and Heavenday memorials were full of support and love. We released balloons for both and stayed out there all day. I am working on getting the courage to go through her clothes and stuff so I can make a sewing space so I can start my memory quilts and bears out of her clothes. It is going to take a lot of time and courage. I am in no hurry. Thank you for all of your love and support.


Thank you, Ellan, for making this picture for me. You have helped me so much.