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July 23, 2014
If you are a Wykes/Robey family member, please come to the Wykes Family Reunion scheduled for August 2, 2014 at the Oakalla Community Center. Please email us if you have not already received the details.

Also, we are updating some pages with additional information and links. We would be grateful for more photos and memories worthy of sharing, and we will update the website for the benefit of the extended family with any public information. We have added links to the Edgar (Babe) and Leila May (Wykes) Smith page and identified photos to the McMillen Family page. We have also added new information to the Wykes Family Tree, including a picture of Julia Jones Wykes, mother of Charles H. Wykes, Sr.

The Robey Family Pages

William and Mary Robey
Levi Robey
Elizabeth - born March 27, 1809 in Old Town, Ohio
and died Sep. 26, 1809
Cynthia Ann Fuqua Robey Graves
William Harrison - born Oct. 12, 1812
and died Oct. 20, 1814
Jemima Robey (died as infant)
John Collins Robey
William Waddell Robey
Thomas Lewis (died at age 26)
Francis Asbury Robey
Mary Jane (died at the age of five)
Elizabeth Jamima Robey Harrell
Mary Robey (died at the age of 16)

The Wykes Family Pages

Charles Haywood & Cynthia Annie (Robey) Wykes
Leila May (Wykes) and Edgar Babe Smith
Rob Robey Wykes - born Born Oct. 18, 1882
and died Feb. 19, 1883
Lessie Lee and Vivian Etoile (Bobo) Wykes
Eula Lynn (Wykes) and Doc Chamberlain
Julia Emma (Wykes) and James (Oscar) Roark
Fred and Elnora Trixy (Wykes) Juby
Edward Orne and Ruby Hine (Forbes) Wykes
Annie Mildred (Wykes) and Will (Jap) Moore
Charles Haywood Jr. & Tressie Freda (Meharg) Wykes
Wykes Family Tree
The Short Family & our purpose for this website.
Unidentified photos - Please help us out!
Robey and Wykes related links

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