Heathen Polytheism


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Reply Mark Carrigher
3:11 PM on February 24, 2019 
Hi all im interested in this English path of heathenry so please do let me know how i can become involved the process set out on your homepage thankyou all.
Reply Terry Smith
4:08 PM on February 21, 2016 
Heidr says...
Has anyone managed to become a member of this site? I've tried, but all I get is a repeating comment that my account "is pending approval".

There appears to be a technical problem with the site it has not flagged up your request, I will try and get it sorted.
Reply Heidr
7:40 PM on February 20, 2016 
Has anyone managed to become a member of this site? I've tried, but all I get is a repeating comment that my account "is pending approval".
Reply Marshall
1:34 PM on April 4, 2015 
Thank you for putting this site together. I am searching along the pagan/heathenry path at the moment and am hoping to meet some fellow travellers. Much of what I have read around the web about heathenry seems to describe an authentic, spiritual path that connects with the earth and nature in all her glory and diversity. I should be pleased to get some advice...
Reply Dave
2:22 PM on February 8, 2015 
Thanks for such an interesting and informative website, I'm from Yorkshire originally but have lived in Norfolk for the past couple of years it's good to know there are like minded folk nearby.
Reply Terry Smith
9:07 AM on April 13, 2014 
Dear Steve and Dawn, really glad you enjoyed the site, and so lovely to have you on board. Will be in touch.

Terry xx
Reply Steve & Dawn
8:11 AM on April 13, 2014 
Outstanding website, very informative on a topic close to both of our hearts. Thank you.

með frjálsu
Reply John
5:57 PM on March 6, 2014 
I have been waffling around for years being a solitary heathen and feeling a bit out on a limb. I have never related to neo paganism, flirted with Hinduism which I related to more than any other except that I feel very North European!! I studied the Celts but never felt engaged,so eventually I came up with my own Pantheon headed by Woden. I have also studied the Runes extensively and always use the Anglo Saxon ones, lastly although now living in Somerset I spent the greater part of my life in rural mid Essex!! So after all this waffle I would love to become part of The Kindred but live too far so if I could be a member of the website I would be very happy. I may have found my folk at last
Greetings from Somerset
Reply Caroline Whaley
7:19 PM on May 23, 2013 
I really enjoy your site, I am from Mexico City and I was looking for more info about the Anglo Saxon Heathenry because I've been practicing this tradition since 2012
I will travel to England in September and could be great know more about your community.
Reply Willowmist
7:05 PM on September 15, 2012 
A very interesting site that has made me want to find out more about Heathenry. Thank you for your help. I hope to meet up with you one day.