16 February, 2009

Hello everyone. Right, I made the desicion today to close HWE as none of us are really interested in wrestling any more and we're getting too old for it. All the YouTube videos have been taken down and the account closed so only we will be able to view the videos as memories of the fun times we had making HWE. This site will also be partially closed - however the guestbook will stay open, and the main page also, so that if any updates come along on our exciting and new projects which have nothing to do with wrestling, we will post them here so you can take a look. To the haters of HWE I say: screw you - we were only having fun. To the fans that stuck with us from the beginning right through to the end I merely say: thank you. Without you there wouldn't have been a HWE. So this is the HWE owners signing out. See ya in the future! 

As of 14/2/08