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British Imported Gundogs for the Upland Hunting Enthusiast


Welcome to Working Spaniel Kennel.  We import, train and breed Springer Spaniels from the United Kingdom to be used as our family gundogs.  We have chosen to work with UK imports because of the combination of working ability and temperament in these dogs is second to none.  The ground treatment, natural retrieving instinct, love of water and the desire to hunt with you, not for themselves, makes these gundogs a joy to hunt over.

Some of the finest British breeding programs are represented by our kennel and the quality is self-evident.  Classic lines such as Badgercourt, Parkmaple & Cortman as well as the more contemporary lines such as Rytex, Moonreed & Deepfleet.  These kennels, as well as others in the UK have produced some of the finest examples of working spaniels that the world has ever seen.

Have a look around and if you have any questions or you would just like some more information please feel free to email or call.  Thanks for looking in on us and we hope to see you here again.


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Working Spaniel Kennel 





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