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Me and My Koolies

Me and My Koolies!!!

Written By Sharyn Palmer

                      (Toolalla Ripley)

Deb Sordeau had a huge part to play in my conversation from Cattle dogs to Koolies. I fell in love with her two bitches, Lickett and Flea; from there it was always going to be about Koolies.

Ripley (S:Toolalla Joe & D: Toolalla Molly) was my first Koolie and she is now almost four years old, she was purchased with agility in mind. She was purchased on the spur of the moment from Ritchie Hough on the way though Tamworth where we were looking at another litter. I was supposed to bring home a male and Deb was on the hunt for a female. I ended up with Ripley the female and Deb ended up with a red merle male from the litter at Tamworth. Funny how things work out really.

Since then Ripley and I haven’t looked back. She is a very versatile girlie, she has done a bit of herding, made a novice final in her first outing at a short course trial, has Frisbee titles and has excelled in agility. In her very short career she has achieved many agility titles – including her Australian Agility Champion, which was awarded just after she turned 3 – not bad considering she had only been trialing from 18 months of age.

The highlight of our career – which will be VERY hard to beat, was making selection for the Australian team to compete at IFCS World Agility Championships in England in May this year. Unfortunately she doesn’t come with me due to quarantine problems; she will be sorely missed as I will probably end up running a Border Collie instead (UGH!J)

(Chipper, Ripley & Rush)   

Then came along Toolalla Rush (S: Borahview Cruiser & D: Toolalla Molly) who is just 12 months old, She is the next agility champion – well we can only hope. She has seen sheep only a few times and shows heaps of potential and has started her agility training. She is a big clown and always makes me laugh; she doesn’t yet have the co-ordination so she has legs going all over the place and does really stupid things. She is going to be awesome fun. She has an awesome temperament, in November last year I was asked to demonstrate some agility skills with Greg Derret from the UK at the World Dog Games

at Acer Arena in NSW. It was a big test for both of the girls but they took it all in the stride, riding in elevators, doing the shows with people really, really close and having to work indoors on a very slippery carpet, something that neither of them had to do before.

I am proud of both the girls and love them dearly; they suit my lifestyle, and are ready to work when asked but generally happy to lounge about and just be my mates. It will be a long time hopefully before the next dog comes along but you can be sure it will be another Koolie.


                                                                                                                                                                (Toolalla Ripley)                                                                                                               



NAME: Sharyn Palmer.

OCCUPATION: Certified vet nurse, but had enough of the pressure, so now work at boarding kennels.

LIVES: Woodford, QLD on 40 acres.

DOGS: ~ Chipper – Smithfield Cattle dog, 11 years old (still trialing and winning).

           ~ Ripley – Australian Koolie, 4 years old.

           ~ Rush – Australian Koolie, 1 year old.

WHAT DO THE DOGS DO: Mainly agility, a bit of herding and a bit of Frisbee.

WHY KOOLIES???: Didn’t want to be the same as everyone else and end up doing agility with Border Collies, like the fact they the dogs have plenty of drive, but don’t seem to have a lot of the bizarre behaviors that Kelpies and Border Collies do. I like the fact that when you tell someone you have a Koolie and they respond with “A what?”



                                                                                                     (Toolalla Rush – 6 weeks old)


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