Woofer's Dog Grooming

Hobart's Award Winning Dog Groomers.



Are you a Woofers VIP ??



Woofers was the first grooming salon in Tasmania to create this initiative and we are proud to say we have been recognised at many business awards for this.

 Basically its very simple.


To be a VIP customer all you have to do is book your dog in with us within 6 weeks and receive 10% off any service you choose for your dog.This may be maintenance tidies or full grooms or just a bath and blowdry. You can come at any interval within the 6 weeks.


Whats the catch?

There is no catch.All we ask is that at the time of each booking you pre-book the next visit and keep your appointment. Thats all.


 Why be a VIP?

Everyone loves their dog to look and feel their best.By maintaining your dogs grooming needs at regular intervals you will be able to have your dog looking just the way you like it.