Woofer's Dog Grooming

Hobart's Award Winning Dog Groomers.

Rates & Services


Our grooming services include:

Warm water hydrobath with soap free shampoos,  skin check, dogs hand-dried with warm hairdryers, fluff-drying,nail clipping, undercoat removal,scissoring and style clips depending on requirements.
We also do breed specific grooming.

We provide Shed-Less treatments. These are great for shedding short coated dogs like Labradors for keeping hair at bay!

We provide an undercoat removal service for long coated dogs, especially popular with breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Border Collies.

Our Benefits:
We are unique at Woofers because we offer one-on-one grooming! This is as opposed to the traditonal  "assembly-line-style" grooming offered at most grooming shops. What this means is, instead of having multiple dogs arriving in the morning and all being picked up in the afternoon, your pet will be scheduled for his or her own time slot and will be given the groomers undivided attention during that time. The benefits to your pet because of this exclusive style of grooming are easy to see:
We offer $10 nail clipping NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARYg of "accidents"--your pet will only be there a short time and so will not be tempted to go 'potty' indoors. (Turn around on most pets is about 2 hours or less!)* In general, the environment at Woofers is much more soothing than at a traditional salon.
  No Shows are becoming more frequent.Please remember times are harder these days for small business if you don't show up or give us at least 24hrs cancel notice,our business suffers as we cannot fill that spot in time. We are happy to remind you the day before if you wish. Unfortunately repeated no-shows will be refused future bookings with our business.

Please tell us if your dog has a medical condition or fleas so we can be aware of and cater for their special  needs.



Our rates start from as little as $30 but with a vast range of services it is best to call us with your requirements.

Our prices are reasonable and will reflect the services we perform and the time it takes to achieve the end result.

A full groom at the salon which includes a pre-bath clip, warm bath, hand dry,brush,style or breed clip,nails and ear plucking

ranges in price between $67 and $90 depending on the size of your dog.