Woofer's Dog Grooming

Hobart's Award Winning Dog Groomers.

About Us

Woofer's Dog Grooming began in February 2004 to introduce Hobart to the benefits and convenience of mobile grooming.( no longer available)  Since then we have grown from strength to strength  and operate our hugely successful salon in Hobart.

We do not provide a mobile service.

 We have a very good reputation and customers are referred to us by vets, other customers, breeders and even the RSPCA and Dogs Homes of Tasmania. So what are you waiting for, give us a try today.



Our grooming salon is very different because we operate strictly by appointment. We were the first salon to do this in Hobart.

Your dog comes in for grooming for no more than 1- 2 hrs then goes home. We don't groom large volumes of dogs a day because we don't want to! For us it's all about taking our time one on one with each dog to provide a great groom and a happy dog at the end, isn't that what you want?

As a result it is very quiet and comfortable and dogs do not tend to become stressed at all. We hand dry all our dogs and provide comforting reassurance where necessary. You can even watch through the glass if you wish.. just to make sure fluffy is in safe hands.

 We were also the first salon in Hobart to also include a boutique where we source dog accessories you probably won't find anywhere else in Hobart. Beds, coats, shampoos, collars, leads, tags, treats, gifts and lots more...

We are open Monday to Saturday   8.30 to 5pm. 




Our boutique contains a treasure trove of accessories for your dog. We only sell what we would use ourselves and we sell high quality items that will last. These include beds, futons, snugglers, collars, leads, toys, treats, shampoos,(organic also) colognes, jackets,coats, jewellery, tags, dinner bowls etc. Our brands include Snooza, Fido's, Best Pet, Weatherbeeta, WagWear, Canine Collection, Mikmac, Fuzzyard, Aristopet, Pet Homewares, Aussie Futon, DOOG, Essential Paws, Rufus and Coco, Dogue,Rogz.Red Dingo,etc

We can also order in if there's something we do not have that you require. Most items are in within a week or so.