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We'll Be Loyal Scouts

Webelos is an acronym for "We'll Be Loyal Scouts."  Webelos is a two-year program in which fourth- and fifth-grade boys have the opportunity to earn up to 20 activity badges, the Webelos rank badge, and the highest award in Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light, as they prepare themselves to enter a Boy Scout troop.

Den 2 meeting dates

Congratulations to Den 2 Weblos II for moving on to Boy Scout Troop 181!

Denner's Duties

The purpose of the boys acting as "Denner" is to start giving them some responsibility and to help them learn how to be a leader by actually leading.  The Denner's two main duties are (1) to lead the den in completing some of the requirements for one of the activity badges at the den meeting and (2) to bring a snack for all the scouts to the meeting.

It would probably be impossible to complete all of the requirements for any activity badge in a single meeting.  You and your scout should choose which activity badge you want to work on with the den, then pick some requirements from that activity badge. You should plan to use 20-40 minutes of meeting time.  You should let the den leader know ahead of time what you plan to do to make sure it hasn't already been covered.

Webelos Scouts have 20 activity badges to work on over 2 years. Some of the requirements are completed with the den, some are completed at home.  The activity badge titles are Aquanaut, Athlete, Fitness, Sportsman, Artist, Scholar, Showman, Traveler, Citizen, Communicator, Family Member, Readyman, Craftsman, Engineer, Handyman, Scientist, Forester, Geologist, Naturalist, and Outdoorsman. As you can see, the activity badges cover a  wide variety of subject areas, and it probably is best to let each scout and his parents pick an area where their interests and talents lie. These are all listed in detail in the Webelos Scout handbook. 

Other duties for the Denner include assisting the Den Leader in the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and any other games or activities during the meeting.

At the option of the scout and his parents, the Denner can do any or all of the following if they choose:
  • Plan a skit for the meeting
  • Plan a game to play at the meeting
  • Bring several jokes and/or a story to tell
  • Lead the den in a song
  • Plan the opening and/or closing ceremony
  • Plan the whole den meeting
If you plan to do any or all of these things, you should let the den leader know ahead of time so the meeting can be planned accordingly.

If you cannot attend the meeting when you are denner, you should let the den leader know or arrange with another scout to switch dates.

There is a lot of information on the internet regarding Cub Scout activities.  Here are a few:

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