Cub Scouts of Wood Ridge, NJ Pack 183

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Holiday Wreath Sale

Cub Scout Pack 183
Annual Christmas Wreath Sale
Selling Wreaths for over 55 years!

24" Double Sided Wreath with bow
$18.00 per wreath

There are 3 ways to order:
1.Scouts walking door to door
2. Call : Rowena at 210-328-4765
3. Complete flyer left at homes

Delivery : On or about Saturday , December 1st


Wreath Sale

The wreath sale is the Wood Ridge Cub Scouts' only fundraiser and provides the funds we use to pay for awards, food, drink, gifts, and entertainment for the scouts at the pack meetings, including the Holiday Party, the Blue and Gold Banquet, the Pinewood Derby, the Swim-Gym rental fee, the Fly-Ups, and the Pack Picnic.

How the Wreath Sale Works

Each year, Wood Ridge, NJ Cub Scout Pack 183 conducts a Holiday Wreath Sale fund-raiser.

Each Scout is assigned a selling territory of several blocks in Wood Ridge.  Scouts should visit each home in their selling area, ring the door bell, and attempt to sell a wreath to the resident.  All Scouts must be accompanied by an adult when selling wreaths.  The Scout should identify himself as a Cub Scout from Pack 183 and ask each resident if they would like to purchase a wreath.  Each wreath costs $18 and is about 24 inches in diameter, usually decorated with bows and pine cones.  Money may be collected at the time of sale or delivery.  Checks should be made payable to "Cub Scout Pack 183."  If no one answers the door, the Scout should leave one of the flyers that were distributed to each scout with their selling territory.  In order to get credit for selling a wreath to residents who later call to order, the Scout should write his first name and last initial on the reverse side of each flyer.  To protect the Scout's identity, do not place the Scout's full name on the flyer
Wreaths are delivered to us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Each scout picks up his wreaths between 9am and noon and then delivers them to his customers, collecting payment at that time if it wasn't already collected.

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