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If you are fortunate, you will have a dog come into your life that surpasses your every dream....

that once in a lifetime dog, your best friend, your "heart" dog.

 Leah was all that and more to me.

Sadly I had to say goodbye to her far too soon.

 On Sept. 10, 2010, at only 8 yrs old, we lost our beautiful, vibrant Leah to cancer.

  We are still trying to heal from the loss.

I miss you princess girl.



 GRCH. Quodijin's Arany


**"Leah" is the top producing dam in the United States,

 with 10 Champion, (6 Dual Titled) and 5 Grand Champion offspring!**

**"Leah" is also the dam of the first Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla ("Breeze")

to win Multiple Best in Shows in a US All Breed Registry!!!**

***Leah is the dam of the two most titled Wirehaired Vizslas in the USA, -

RBIS,GRCH. Vidor's Dinca Dancer, NA Prize II,TAN,CGC,TDI, CA,JH - aka "Dani"- owned by Dick and Jean of IN


UKC,IABCA Nat/Int JHA, ARBA, KC-USA, UCI CH. Vidor's Tulsi Fountain, CGC, RN


"Leah" is the dam or granddam of 6 of the UKC's Top Ten Wire-Haired Vizslas for 2009 and made the Top Ten list herself for 2009!

She went on to win Best of Breed at the Top Ten Competion Invitational over her kids and grandkids..showing that, despite her age, her beauty and sound movement is evident.

Whelped- July 29th, 2002    Breeder- J.A. Jonkers-Both

     FCINAVHDA and UKC Registered, UKC DNA profile    

 OFA Hips-Excellent -WVZ-7E37F-PI   

CERF:Normal-WVZ-101/2010-91        CARDIAC: Normal-WVZ-CA1/41F/C-PI

CHIC # 42157

 CHIC DNA Repository bank # WVZ-DNA-1/S

Height- 57.5 cm (22.5 inches) 

( FCI and UKC Standard for Females : 54-60cm)


    PEDIGREE (click here)


 Leah came to live with us in late summer 2005. Many thanks to friend/mentor Bill Stone for allowing Leah to join our family. Leah was imported from Europe. She comes from the Netherlands. (Quodijin's kennels).  Her pedigree contains dogs from some of the best Wirehaired Vizsla lines in Europe. We feel honored to have owned such a lovely dog.

 Leah was an extremely affectionate and devoted family companion, easily trained and willing to please, with a endearing sense of humor. She was a superb mother to her puppies. 



"Leah" was a natural retriever, and loves the water. After a swim, she loved nothing more than to lounge on the boat.

Yes, she was always a "Princess" and expected to be treated as one. 



Read what people have to say about "Leah" and the Wirehaired Vizsla


"Leah's" titled offspring include:

GRCH. Olehill's Dashing Dan, NA Prize II

 CH. Olehill's Sweet Dolly,TAN

 GRCH Vidor's Aura, TAN

GRCH. Vidor's Austin NA Prize III, TAN

CH. Vidor's Averill

CH. Vidor's Ada

CH. Carleton's Supermax

UNJ,GRCH. Vidor's Chase

Vidor's Arcadia, CGN, ADC, RN

Vidor's Charlotte, CGC, TDI

RBIS, GRCH. Vidor's Dinca Dancer NA Prize III, TAN, CA,CGC,TDI ,JH

UKC, IABCA Nat / Int JHA, ARBA, KC-USA, UCI CH. Vidor's Tulsi Fountain CGC, RN


And two grandkids who are now Grand Champions bred by Seraphim Kennels in Illinois!

GRCH Seraphims She's a Keeper,TAN

Multi BIS GRCH. Seraphims Kaleidoscope Kris, TAN


In only 5 months of limited showing, at the grand age of 7 yrs, Leah gained her Championship and Grand Championship against some very stiff competition. She enjoyed herself in the ring, and showed she can still keep up with the young dogs!


 Some of "Leahs" offspring making Breed History!!!!!

"Gauge" (CH. Olehill's Dashing Dan, NA Prize II) completes his UKC championship, Sept 24th, 2006

becoming the FIRST Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla UKC Champion in history !!


Many thanks to the following judges who awarded him placements in the Gundog Group:

Pam Perdue- Group 4th Sept. 9,2006

Jeanne Heger- Group 2nd - Sept. 16th, 2006 (pictured)

Richard Klaat-Group 4th, Sept.24th, 2006

Sandra Sauceda-Group 3rd, Sept. 24th, 2006

Congratulations to "Gauge's" breeder, Bill Stone,

and to his owners, the Bundy family!!!

And thank you "Gaugie boy" for making my job as your co-pilot in the ring so much fun!


October 8th,2006

 "Carly", (TAN, CH. Olehill's Sweet Dolly) completes her UKC Championship, becoming the SECOND Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla UKC Champion!!!!!


Many thanks to the following judges who awarded her placements in the Gundog Group:

Sandra Sauceda- Group 1st- Sat. Oct.7th

Patricia Young- Group 3rd- Sun. Oct. 8th

Marsha Shively- Group 1st- Sun. Oct. 8th

"Carly" is also the first female Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla in the USA to obtain the UKC TAN field certification!

Congratulations to her owners, Jim and Peg Roginski of Seraphim Kennels

 and to her breeder Bill Stone, of Michigan.

May 30th, 2008

("Breeze")  (GRCH Vidor's Aura, TAN), the UKC's Top Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla for the year 2007 ,  

becomes the first Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla to win Best in Show in a US All Breed Registry!! 


Sept. 21st. 2008

 her second Best in Show win, making her the first of her breed, in the WORLD (to our knowledge) to be a Multi Best in Show winner!!!!!

Congratulations to her owner, Lisa Stumpf on such a fabulous achievements!

Thank you to Judges Marsha Shively and J Ray Johnson for these Best in Show honors !!

Newest title and another First for the HWV breed!

Maren Bruun and her wire girl, Opal (Vidor's Arcadia, NA,RN) earned their first agility title, ADC (Agility Dog Canada), under the Agility Assoc. of Canada (AAC) and has also earned her Rally Novice title!

This is the first Wire-haired Vizsla to obtain an Agility title and a Rally Obedience title in North America!!!

Way to go girls!!! We are so proud of you both!!!! 

Leah is also the dam of the first Wire-Haired Vizsla in history to earn a Lure Coursing title!

GRCH. Vidor's Dinca Dancer, NA,TAN,CA,CGC,TDI,JH

known better as "Dani"

earned her Lure Coursing Aptitude certification at the UKC Premier shows.

Another of Leahs kids is the first Wire-Haired Vizsla to earn a Dock Diving title!

UNJ, GRCH Vidor's Chase, finished his title at the UKC Premier shows!!!








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