Meeting Contacts

When one first becomes involved in the Quaker community one will hear mentioned a large number of facilities and activities which can be confusing. The information below aims to provide a reference to anything you might hear mentioned by members, particularly in the notices after meeting for worship, or who to contact with a particular query.

The Society's organisation is based on Areas, and Winchester is part of Hampshire and the Islands Area Meeting. So, although many of the entries are specific to Winchester, some refer to the Area Meeting and beyond. The contacts are usually those people who give out the notices for their groups, but if you're not sure who people are there is a folder with some rather old photos of members in the Library.

Contact names change over time, but if the person listed is not the current contact they will be happy to point you to the right person. If no name is entered and you need to contact a person with this responsibility, please check with the Clerk.

Winchester Meeting Appointments

Clerk - Maggie Allder (winchesterquakers@gmail.com)

Assistant Clerk - Roy Burman

Acting Treasurer - Jane Bennett

Assistant Treasurers - John Denison, Paul Williams, Jane Bennett

Line Manager - formal liaison between Meeting and Warden -

Wardens - Andrew and Lorraine O'Hanlon

Area Meeting Appointments

Elders -

Overseers -

Registering Officer for Marriages - advises on and makes arrangements for marriages according to the usages of the Society of Friends, including official registration of these marriages - if you are considering a Quaker marriage, or even if you just wish to know more about Quaker marriages, please contact the Registering Officer, Graham Dragon (grahamdragon@virginmedia.com), Karen Coffin (Deputy)

Other Appointments

Churches Together in Winchester - representatives to a group which encourages cooperation amongst Christian churches in Winchester on a number of practical and spiritual initiatives

Collection Proposers - can be approached with suggestions for monthly collections

Funeral Co-ordinator - family or friends may contact her about funeral arrangements(the Elders are responsible for conducting funerals in cooperation with Overseers)

Librarian - responsible for buying and arranging books in the Library

Posters - to stimulate an interest in Quaker ideas (these are the posters on the board outside gate)

Quaker Peace and Social Witness and Quaker Council for European Affairs Correspondent - receives and makes available information on activities and conferences

University Chaplain - for students and others

Woodbrooke Correspondent - receives and makes available information from Woodbrooke (Quaker college in Birmingham for day and resident courses)