Will Rosasco Intunitive Couselor and Pyshic

Born to Serve you with a Full Heart


Christmas Day 1962, Will came into the world with what was perceived at the

time to be an insurmountable life obstacle; cerebral palsy. Will’s parents were

informed by the hospital doctors that his chances for survival were extremely

slim, and it was more than likely he

would not make it. God and the angels

saved Will.

As a young child, Will would often look

up into the night sky, intently gazing

at the moon and the stars wondering

if God was looking down at him and

asking God if there was a way for him

to help others. One night, a small light

appeared over his bed; and as the

light grew larger Will began talking to

“it”. The light became an angel, its

wings expanding to fill the width of

the room. He was not afraid... He called to his angel Michael Thomas to be with

him. Michael Thomas came often and we talked and prayed together.

Throughout Will’s childhood and teen years, Will would pose questions about

life, death, angels, ghosts and how to help people. Through prayer, Will would

ask his angels and guides to assist him in using his divine gifts, to see, feel, hear

and or understand the universal questions about living a full life. Will’s mission

evolved to inspire healing, understanding and guidance concerning life’s


Life is full of choices. Today, you made your best choice by deciding to work with

me for your new future.


Psychic Resume

Festivals, Fairs and Expos

Spirit of Light Expo  Pensacola, Florida (1999-2007)

Unlimited Horizons of the Emerald Coast Metaphysical Festival and Psychic Fairs  in Navarre Beach and Pensacola Florida (2004 to present)

Capstone House, l Universal Health and Spiritual Awareness Festival (spring/autumn)   Panama City Florida (1999 to present)

Renaissance Faire (March) Pensacola Florida

Gallery Readings

Breathe Yoga   Pensacola, Florida (2007-2009)

Mystic Cottage Pensacola, Florida (Guest Psychic )

Wisdom Circle of Northwest Florida Pensacola Florida (Guest Psychic)

On-Site Readings Locations

Inspirations  Pensacola Florida  (2005-2008)

Envisions Panama City Florida (2004-2009)

Capstone House Panama City 2005 to present) quarterly

Classes /Workshops

Psychic Development 101 with Erica Marcia Boussarhane, International Psychic Medium Inspirations Pensacola Florida (2007)

Angels 101 with Esther Truitt Healer and Motivational Speaker at City Arts Gallery Panama City Florida (2008)

Radio Guest, Co-Host and Radio Shows

Whispers from the Heart with Ericka Marcia Boussahane  BlogTalkRadio (Guest)

Spirit Talk with Jason Shields BlogTalk Radio (Guest)

Conversations with Light (2010-2011) (Host )BlogTalkRadio

Four Corners with Nancy Tursi (Co-host) on SkyRadio (2010-2011)

Cold Cases/ Missing Persons

With  Ericka Marcia Bossanhane and Nancy Tursi  (2008 to present)



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