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Talent Show History

              California Free Style Brooming


Welcome to the future, of California free style brooming.

Founded by myself, for others to enjoy (1987).I've done a search on major search engines for free style brooming, and couldn't find any thing, but a user name on face book, picture of brooms standing in place by it self in different places. and people jumping on brooms, and broom Olympics - balancing brooms on a finger,Why don't this exists?

You have free style skiing, biking, jump roping, among many other things.

I got the idea back in 1987 while watching the Harlem globe trotters on T.V. Anyway I figured if they could do what they do with a basketball while doing the sport – stunt wise.

Why not try it with a broom, while cleaning. Not only did it make me look good, but it cut down a few minutes in my cleaning and having fun too. I did this in the wood shop for three years at Olympic high school – I was a P.M custodian at this time. Then I left do to a job promotion in 1993. I transferred to Gregory Gardens Ele. In Nov of 1996. I then modified it, by drilling out sections to make it lighter, and I balanced it out by hand.

I requested to the P.T.A to be in the Gregory Gardens talent show in late 1993? They told me to audition first, and I’ll be last in line. So I decided to add special effects to my routine. To help cover up small mistake made during my performance.  I added a black light to the stage, strobe light as we’ll as fog machine and light sticks one on each side of my broom. I continued to do show’s at Gregory gardens for about six years, and toured to Holbrook Ele. As my children were going there.

I went to see phantom of the opera about 5 times and loved when the chandelier came crashing down with a big boom & flash. So I invented The Boomer Flash, a very complicated stage prop made from a piece of ply wood, a strobe flash from a 35mm camera wired to a punching balloon. During the beginning of my act I would say; Are you afraid of the dark?  The kids would yell out No!!! I would have back stage helpers to turn off the lights, I would pull the string on boomer flash and it would go boom – with a big white flash of light – this would cause the kids to scream! My last show’s with my son was in 1999 at Gregory gardens and Holbrook.See photos on this web site

I then moved to Holbrook, to be with my children and I lived only two minutes away. When I moved there the P.T.A person left Holbrook to help out at a middle school to where her kids moved on.Holbrook closed down as well, as did another one do to state budget cuts. I moved to Strandwood, then Valle Verde. June, 2017 - I moved back to Holbrook and am excited

Why? It's closer


California free Style brooming – Stunt Names

1.     The neck wrap – While spinning broom around go around back of neck.

2.     The Cradle – While spinning broom – rock it back and forth in front of me in a down wards motion.

3.     The 180* - Push broom along floor in a forward motion then pick up while spinning and spin in the air over my head while turning myself in a half circle.

4.     360* - While spinning broom up in the air over head turn my body in a complete circle.

5.     The Helicopter – Spin broom in the air over my head as I’m turning myself in circles walking across the stage.

6.     The Rupture – Spin broom and as I lift my leg bring broom under it and grab with other hand – accidents do happen and it does hurt when I make a mistake. A 10 lbs. broom leaves marks.

7.     The Platform – While spinning broom toss into the air and jump off the stage and catch the broom while landing on the floor.

8.     The Back Spin – While spinning the broom go around the back grabbing it with other hand.

9.     Walking The Dog – while pushing the broom in a forward motion pick up broom and spin in one complete turn then place broom on floor and do another spin in opposite direction.

10.           The Cartwheel – While spinning broom with both hands twirl broom in circles in front of me, end over end.

I'll be thinking of other types of stunts in the future

Caution; Use caution while spinning any broom it hurts a lot when smacked in the head, face or legs.


Picture's of broom and boomer flash added to photo gallery under stage props. Video can be found on I'm under william sawyers look for talent show and son Chris.

   Back then video recorders not that good.

I've got invited to AGT in Nov. 2012 since I had back surgery in Dec. 2012 couldn't do.

Sent E-mail 4/13 missed 2013 season 8 by weeks, to call in Fall for 2014 season.

My odds are better than playing the lottery for millions of dollars. one out of 350 million?

One out of what? 1 out of 30,000 

Why did I apply?  Easy I was just trying to get out my children books and to make a few thousand dollars for the four local schools from my 4 published books - EASY !

 I did my audition today 2/9/14, now to wait, To Valle Verde students I wore our school shirt.

B-4 requested. Thanks for Mrs.Fedotoff, and to all the other teachers and parents for your support. At Valle Verde

 I was at the L.A Biltmore Feb/9th/2014

Worth the 7 hour drive.

 I didn't make it this year 2014 - Season 9, was very fun to be on their stage twice.

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