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Poetry for Advertisement

Poetry For Advertisement-Fun


On this page is example of how to get free things from different places.


If you’re only a little bit good at poetry you could get free things. (Trust Me)


It’s very fun and exciting to be able to use poetry towards your advantage.

It’s all about the fun.


1. Think of a simple thing you like, and who makes it?

Or a place you like theme park, zoo or other place.



2. Find out E-mail of this company, contact Public Relations person

Of this company, or manager



3. Write out the poem the best you can, then edit and double check for spelling and such.



4. Send it in



5. Sit back and wait, Takes a long time for responses. Why?


In order for a company to give out some thing free must go thru the proper channels to get O.K, permission to give out Items. Now have fun

You may not hear from some places as they might have moved, or person moved, or some one took your credit as used self’s. Never know


My examples, please don’t use these, as you can see I’ve already did





A Poem for Snapple tea

Snapple is the drink we want.

It won’t make you bulge in front.

It’s the finest tea to be had.

It’ll surely make you feel glad.

Drink it slow or very fast.

The Snapple flavor will last and last.
Too the last sip indeed.

Try all the flavors and you will see.

When you run out

you’ll be on your way to the store

with out a doubt, to get some more.

Give it a try on ice, in the summer heat.
It’s surely hard to beat!

Care to share?

Bill sawyers

I received 24 free coupons for 16 0z. Drinks

they have copy rights to this poem



Also did one for the Jungle and received 32 free passes.





The Jungle

The jungle is the place to be.
Take off your kid’s shoes and set them free!!!
They will flee with glee.
What a sight to see.
It’ll wear them out a doubt.
Adults are always free, and are allowed to play on there knees.
It’s a task to keep up with them, and they always win in the end.
with a grin.
They may also become hoarse, from the screaming they do.
Wouldn’t you if you were two?
Now, you can see what I mean.
They’ve also got games to play (All Day)
If they had it there way.
These games spit out tickets that you can “Save”,
For a rainy day.
They can use them for prizes or to make a trade.
This place is great and I give them an A.
From Bill Sawyers


Other places no response






Caffino drive thru espresso


Caffino drive thru's are the best, just drive on up and take the test.

They’ll serve you with UT-most speed. When it comes to quality they can’t be beat

If it’s coffee or espresso you desire, come on by.


But, please don’t speed. We carry mooka’s for kids and muffins too.

Or maybe a smoothie to keep from feeling blue.


What ever you choose our service will be with a smile.

To help make your day.


When it comes to coffee to perk you up. It’s our pleasure in serving you.


We help you save you time from your car, even if your job isn’t far.

You’re the best as I took the test. Star bucks come in 2nd place.

Although some would disagree with me. They don’t have a drive thru.


By Bill Sawyers








Next Step

Next step is cool to watch from A to Z.

It’s the show for me.

Don’t forget the answer guys.

To answer questions on the how’s and whys?

It’s a marvelous feat that can’t be beat.

Just pull up a chair and have a seat.

From the old to the young, this show can teach.

And on the tube it’s within your reach.

If you agree with me, let me know?

Please air this poem, let the wave’s travel through space.

As I would like to see it on my T.V screen. Some day, some way.

From Bill Sawyers




Water World


Water Worlds a cool spot indeed, give it a try in the summer heat.

You’ll see it’s hard to beat.

Make a splash here and there.

Don’t forget to wet your hair.

Sun screens a must! Bring one that you can trust.

Water Worlds the best! Go ahead and bring a guest.

Don’t you frown you may have one in your town.


By Bill Sawyers



Pixie land Amusement Park


Pixie land is the place to go. Bring the kids,
The fair is low. Put them on the rides for fun.
And have a picnic in the sun.
Go on a merry go round, or take the train.
Ride a plane or a car. You’re money will go far.
Ride the tea cups if you dare! Spin it, Spin it and frizzle your hair
From Bill Sawyers




Marine World

Marine world is the place to be. Don’t forget to bring the kids.
As they have a lot to see. Look at the animals, and watch the shows.
They will glow from head to toe. A fantastic place indeed!
As you too will see, this is a great place to be.
By Bill Sawyers


107.7 The Bone

Listen to 107.7 the Bone

Move to the grove, get into the beat

Turn up the bass and feel the power thru your feet.

Boom, Boom, Boom It’s easy to say.

I want my radio too stay like this all day, while in my car.

I’m sure you could hear me from a far.

I’m hell on wheels, as I like to vibrate the streets. 107.7 The Bone

Can’t be beat, just kick it and tap feet.

I set of car alarms as I pass, this is a neat feat.

From Bill Sawyers


Now you should get the idea……

Good luck to all age’s, if any who get a response please e-mail me back.