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For media news click below; Radio Interviews, T.V, and on-line, I'm helping out 4 local schools in my area from my profits with a $1.00 a book

Valle Verde school - The nest that could fly

 Holbrook - The what am I? book

Wren Ave - What am I?bugs

Gregory Gardens with my fourth book - Bill's Pride

 I'm running an ad on, till July 14th, and I'll have a write up in the Diablo Gazette July issue

 6/14/19, I've got an ad on, and going to have a short write up in The Diablo Gazette in the July issue - Excited


I would like to thank David King for the great artical in the Diablo Gazette - Oct/2015 issue. (Click here)

My ad is in Bay Area Parent magazine Sept/2015issue



I've been on Comcast Spot Light in W.C, Ca 2006

 Comcast Spotlight

(Click here)

Or look me up on you tube. William Sawyers

 Yes they put on make up for being on t.v,


On the Radio in the following places;

Delaware, Florida twice, Texas, Arizona, Global talk Radio, Atlanta Georgia, Nevada, Swansboro, North Carolina, Germany, and Maine.

A short radio interview Florida and Nevada at same time 2/12/12

I'm reading The Nest That Could Fly book on the radio on 3/10/12 7am pacific time.

in  Swansboro, North Carolina. This story will be enjoyed from the ages of three to 80 years old. Very fun.

Keep checking back as 80% of radio show's I'm on and you could have a chance to call in.


 (Click play to hear me on Global Talk Radio)

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 I received an e-mail last night that AGT wanted me to audition on Nov.14th 2012.

E-mailed back stating sorry to soon, as I need back surgery, thank you Adam Shapiro

  This made my week

My reason to be on AGT? 

It don't matter if I win or not, even if I get booed off stage.

I'm getting on to brand my name as a children author, to get out my name to sell my books to help out the four local schools I'm supporting with a dollar a book. So it  won't matter if I don't win the million dollars - LOL

It's a win, win situation- see comments you tube under talent show.



I had my shot on Feb/9th/14 Did two audition's in Hollywood, L.A, Calif. At the L.A Biltmore + online audition.

 Good luck to all who entered, and it was fun just to be on the stage's in L.A.

( Very proud to be able to represent - (California)

For all the children nationallyIf your going to Dream?  Do it BIG!!!

I didn't make it this season.


4/29/13 Interview chat on face book in CT.


The 131 Preview Review has a chat with William (Bill) Sawyers



 Bill’s P.R.I.D.E.

Contact: William Sawyers, Author

Author William Sawyers documents the steps and information required to help

 keep children from tobacco;

 “Daring to make a difference in today's youth-one page at a time “.

Author William Sawyers was a previous smoker who indulged in this life 

changing habit while the youth he was in contact with daily
 was able to observe his actions regularly.

Mr. Sawyers’ wife wanted him to stop smoking as a Christmas gift and while he 

attempted multiple times, he was unsuccessful until
 one day he realized he had to stop.  He did not want the children smoking.

He tried repeatedly until he eventually became a part of the D.A.R.E. program 

that gave him the courage to stop smoking.
 William Sawyers writes about this in his book titled, “Bill’s P.R.I.D.E.”, which

 he outlines his smoking habits and his random attempts
 at stopping.  He also details his life-changing revelation of joining D.A.R.E.,

 having the courage to finally stop, and how good that made
him feel.

Mr. Sawyers details his smoking habit, attempts to quit, participation with the

 DARE program.

 He also donates a portion of the money he receives through the sales of his 

story to a school.