Economics and Community for kids

 This summer Wildwood is offering three Wildwoodville camps!



June 17th - 21st



June 24th - 28th



July 29th - August 2nd



In this hugely popular course children run their own town one day a week for six weeks (during the school year), or for five consecutive days (during a camp). Each class day lasts from 10:30am until 2:30pm, giving the participants time to socialize, resolve challenges and to become good working teams.  There are eight businesses: Newspaper, Cafe, Gift Shop, Bank, Cinema, Art School, Post Office, and Cable Vision Company. 


Running the town of Wildwoodville gives children
valuable learning experiences across the curriculum.

Language Arts:              The citizens of Wildwoodville communicate through their postal system, writing to each other several times a day.  The newspaper has reporters collecting news stories, advertising and writing common interest stories.  The Cablevision managers create shows that interest their clientele, from puppet plays to the evening news and documentaries and commercial breaks.


Computers:          The newspaper office uses a computer with MS Word.  The news team designs the layout and work out how to make their material fit.  They add clip art pictures to improve the look of the paper and print a daily paper. 

Math:          Everyone in Wildwoodville gets practice making change and counting money.  The shopkeepers have to make change.  They also learn to charge a fair price for their goods and services, so that they don’t charge more than Wildwoodville’s citizens can afford to pay.  They are responsible for making their own money, spending it wisely, paying back their loans at the bank and depositing funds into their accounts.


History/Social Studies:            Wildwoodville’s citizens learn about the development of commerce, from the barter system to money.  They learn about early money and what people have used to obtain the things they need.  They learn about the way towns are run, about many of the careers and jobs available and how businesses are started.  They also learn about wise handling of their own money and about the concept of financial planning, deciding how much of their money to save, spend and share with others.


"Wildwood is like a dream and I'm sad when you have to wake up. Which means going back to no Wildwood."

"I am going to miss Wildwoodville a lot because it is great and fun."
"Thank you, for the wonderful experience i had, at Wildwoodville in Victoria!:) I really liked the job I had, ~Newspaper~ it was fun!:D Wildwoodville was fun because: I got to learn about the jobs, and positions of people in real towns. Wildwoodville was VERY fun!:!: Thanks Terry!"

Wildwoodville fees:

6-week course: $150 ($140 for siblings)

Camp: $160 ($150 for siblings)

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