part 15 broadcasting

Part 15 Broadcasting

What is it? Part 15 of the FCC rules allow low power,limited range transmitting on various frequency bands without the need for an FCC license.In my station,I operate on 1470AM,101.5FM and 13.56SW! I use automation freeware from Zarasoft on a home PC to play my MP3 and WAV files which consist of music,jingles,advertisments and information. The station format is oldies and classic rock mixed with shows such as the Kevin Smith show M-F at 10pm and American Sunrise Radio news at 6am M-F as well as Feature Story News and Voice of America news hourly. You will also hear NOAA weather forecasts,funny parody ads and PSA's. If you are in the neighborhood,tune in and drop me a line to let me know what you think!
These stations may not cause interference to other stations and are operated without any rights to their use. It is legal to sell advertising on these stations.It is a fun hobby and can serve a very localized audience such as a trailer park,apartment complex or a local event. This is not pirate broadcasting,nor is it regular broadcasting,rather we call it microbroadcasting.
Just imagine having a whole slew of little transmitters to cover a wider area,each one being FCC compliant! Hmmmm...For more information,check out the part 15 rules at www.fcc.gov
Also check the forums out at www.part15.us and www.hobbybroadcaster.net
Just added a shot of my newly acquired LPB ALPHA A8-S console which I just finished rebuilding. It has all electronic attenuators and switching with a nice digital level meter. Its now master control. The LPB S-22 will be used for production.  Also,just acquired a Gates Stereo Producer which I am working on,pic at bottom of this page.

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