Online gamers clan

                                         Game Ranger

Get game ranger for them old cool games removed from the master servers.

With game ranger you can not start a MP game and have users join you in game again just like the old days.

Thought them old games had gone for good well you was wrong join our fight to keep them alive !


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                                   Voice Server Online

                                Welcome To WarHogs

We our a gamers clan
The games we play are all multiplayer games of the best quality
      Team play is the only way forward
Have You Got What It Takes To Become A Member

                                               Members Supported Games

Clash Of Clans mobile app NEW

Red Orchestra 2 goty

Left 4 Dead 2





Codwaw / Zombies

Codbop / Zombies


Killing Floor


Half Life 2 Death Match

Team Fortress 2

Far Cry

Far Cry 2

Grand Thief Auto IV

Rusty Harts

Crime Craft Gang Wars

Flat Out 2


Many more games will be added as the clan grows these are just a few games we play as a clan