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Welcome to  The Widerscope Website!


So who the heck are we?

We are Nick 'Chelsea Boy' Bond, Danny 'The Pirate' Cooper and Seth 'The Gibster' Gibson. This site tells of our individual and joint adventures across Britain and beyond in search of high jinks and adventure in the world of nature...plus maybe a few beers and drunken parties along the way...and recently come into the fold is Sami Webster, Seth's better half - or so she claims! And |Dan's wonderful wife Lucy (amazing how things change in a year)!

In brief, we're a bunch of birders from South London who, a few years ago, became a bit jaded with our local bird club. They couldn't offer us what we wanted. They weren't hardcore enough for us. They wouldn't kip in a car each night for three months (actually, only Seth did that, Dan did it but with out a car.) They couldn't do overnight drives to Scotland for Masked Shrikes and White-tailed Plovers. They wouldn't twitch The Gower AND Anglesey in the same day (and who in their right mind would?) They couldn't twitch Scilly for the day.

We bloody well could though!!!


Some colourful characters from The Surbiton & District Birdwatching Society, our old hangout....


2-Hats Muriel (RIP), Little Gary Caine and Big Bad Glen...3 damn good reasons for us to quit the SDBWS!!!


And here's the Head Honcho flanked by two of the more senior members. We love you all guys!!!


And not just birds either...


We look at butterflies (our latest goodies include Indian Red Admirals in Tenerife, Glanville Fritillaries in Hampshire, Morphos in Nicaragua), moths (Six-belted Clearwing in Rotherhithe, Scarlet Tigers in Winchester, Oak Eggar in Scotland/Scilly), Dragonflies (Vagrant Emperor in Tenerife (Dan found one in Cornwall), Small Red Damselfly in Surrey), Mammals (Short-finned Pilot Whales in Tenerife, Wildcat, Mountain Hares and Otters  in Scotland, Lynx and Moose in Estonia, Howler Monkeys and Peccaries in Nicaragua), Reptiles (American Crocodiles and Iguanas in Nicaragua, Turkish Geko, False Smooth Snake, Chameleon and Iberian Worm Lizard in Spain), Amphibians, Fish (like touching a Blue Shark in the Western Approaches!(was that the one the Pirate caught?), Plants (Danny has discovered Western Clover on Tean, Devonshire Cup Coral and Scarlet and Gold Cup Coral on the shore! Jellyfish, tidal pools (Blue-rayed Limpets, they rock!!!) - in fact, pretty much anything... hence our name. We look at a Wider Scope of nature than most.  

 ***** LATEST NEWS *****

Jan 2013 After some discussion we have decided to give the website a revamp by the summer of this year so do check back.

February 2012  Widerscope wedding bells are in the Widerscope air as Seth and Sam announced their engagement, with the wedding taking place in May 2012, whilst Nick and Jo booked their wedding date for 12th April 2013!! Busy times ahead and congratulations to all !!!! Phew (surely deserves a Widerscope excursion to celebrate)!

Seth and Sami this year 2011 are going for the second part of their Big Butterfly Year 2010, on a mission to see all the British species!! check out their website here

Quotes from our Guestbook:

"Excellent site! I particularly approve of the pictures of Caper poo."

"Still the best satirical birding blog in my opinion!"

"Great site. Birding is too serious nowadays so it is nice to see a proper birding website."

"I saw you for the second time on page three of the Daily Mail..."

"Thought it was about time I informed you of how utterly shite your site is!!"

"Great site, we need more like you."

"Glad to see you are all as mad as ever."

"Danny was quite cool on TV the other day, wouldn't have recognised him without the pirate gear and minus a beer. He was almost an upstanding member of the human race. That's scary!"

"Good on honest banter. Cheers."

Latest updates -

We've revamped the layout a little, following various comments from Scilly Birders and others. Hopefully everything now meets with your approval! The Member's Page has gone, we've decided instead to add extra material to our own individual Blog Pages. There's the new Widerscope Shop, there are more photos on Caption That Pic, we've consolidated our various picture collections into a completely new photo albums and, of course, the Daily Blog updates from Nick and Seth. Nick has added his 2009 and 2010 Round-up. Danny has begun to regularly update his new page. Another exciting and brand new page gives an account of a few of more ludicrously successful rarity chases. Read about them on  Our Twitches.

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Please enter and enjoy our mad little world...

Nick and The Gibster...as you've never seen them before....we hope!!!

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