Why School Sucks

Admit it - it really does suck

You're right - school sucks

If you're in school, you probably have this feeling that something is just... wrong about it.

 Teachers and parents likely do not understand. The problem, they say, is your "attitude". Or perhaps the problem is another student, or the problem is a particular teacher or a particular class.

The truth, though, may simply be that school ITSELF is wrong.


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 Reasons school sucks

  1. Learning by rote. Memorization and learning to parrot (repeat back) what a teacher says is not actually "learning" - it's memorization. It's learning to please. If you really want to learn something because you want to know how to do something, then you can begin to learn. If you learn solely for the sake of getting a good grade, what exactly are you learning? You're learning how to get a good grade. That's all.
  2. Age segregation. This is actually twofold. First, children are separated from the rest of society for long periods of time by being moved to institutions for most of the day. Second, Students are separated from one another by age. Older kids are away from younger kids, and younger kids don't get to spend time with older kids.
  3. Compulsory education. It isn't all that much difference from slavery. You don't have the choice. All choice is removed from you. No adult would put up with the government forcing him to work at a particular company, under a particular boss. An adult may feel compelled to keep a job he doesn't like due to financial necessity - but he wouldn't get "in trouble" with the law if he quit!

What do you think about school? 



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