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Welcome to the What If? Labs!

Welcome to the What If? Labs! Here on the What If? Labs we'll take a look at Good, & Bad Imagineering, & decisions. It will feature discussions about Theme Park attractions. And maybe even dwelving into Disney Movies, & much, much, more! As well as excerpts from various Disney projects. And don't forget ride-thrus.

Current Episode: ep#15- What if... Disney actually knew what the future was!?

Allrighty guys, the Railroad show has been postponed 1 more show. It's REALLY hard to make man!

Anyways, on this show, special guest; Chris Lerman, & I discuss Disney & the Future. Just listen, & you'll know. LoL!

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Upcoming Shows

ep#16- The Disneyland Railroad (the Railroad show has been put forward due to time constraints & production efforts)
ep#17- Blue Sky Department
ep#18- Lost Attractions of World Showcase
ep#19- Western River Expedition
ep#20- The Walt Disney Story
ep#21- Disneyland- The First 50 Magical Years

and more to come!


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