WestOx Mixed Bowls League.


Four Rink,

A Mixed Triple League,
Throughout,West Oxfordshire,

The First Five Years!

The first embryo of the league appeared in 2001 from a hand full of Woodstock bowlers as an initiative to provide a more competitive element to weekend bowling.


Letters were sent to all clubs within a 10-mile radius of Woodstock calling them to send representatives to discuss the possibility of a league and under what basis and format it could be run.


This meeting was held at Woodstock under the Chairmanship of Jim Goatham, then President of the OBA and was attended by 11 clubs, the majority being clubs from the West Oxfordshire area. After a varied discussion on many possible aspects of this idea it was clear that some of the clubs attending were very large and others were quite small in numbers.The larger clubs were already playing in Men’s and Ladies Leagues whilst the smaller clubs members had very little opportunity the play competitively against other clubs.Larger clubs were use to putting out 5 & 6 rinks on both Saturday and Sunday whilst the smaller clubs were struggling to fulfil 4 rinks.


It was also clear that mixed competitive bowling was very scarce and that no County or National competition catered for mixed triples matches.It was therefore concluded that there was a need for a Mixed Triples League, which could best suit the small to medium size club.


Clubs were asked to return to their own committees, discuss and return for a second meeting if they wished to proceed.


Of the 11clubs originally interested 6 returned to set up the initially steering committee:


Woodstock, MiddleBarton, Hanborough, Wychwood, Chipping Norton & Chadlington.


As these clubs were all from West Oxfordshire it was decided to call the league , The WestOx Mixed Bowls League.


We became the first and still are the only Mixed League in the County and the only Triples League played on a Club v Club basis.

In the main these clubs already played each other on set dates during a season and these same dates were used for the League fixtures which started in 2002.


The committee’s first Chairperson was Ken Field from Hanborough who served for 3 years followed by Dawn Lynch also from Hanborough.  Bob Wright has acted as Secretary/Treasurer throughout. Each club can send 2 delegates to attend and vote at committee meetings.


In 2003 Lower Heyford and Begbroke joined – in 2004 Burford joined and in 2005 Witney Town.

In 2005 we were up to 10 clubs, but alas, in 2006 Chadlington left the league due to their dwindling membership and sadly from 2007 Hanborough members have decided that they do not want competitive bowling at weekends.





During the first five seasons the League champions have been:


2002Chipping Norton  B C

2003 - Lower Heyford B C

2004 - Wychwood B C

2005 - Chipping Norton B C

2006 - Chipping Norton B C


For the last three seasons we have enjoyed a presentation evening at

Chipping Norton Indoor B C

preceded by a League Champions v League Rep.side from all the other clubs.

This has proved to be a very enjoyable event.


Through the first five years the committee has tried to ensure that although we are playing in a competition that it is kept on a friendly basis and indeed we would like to be known as The Friendly League enabling all levels of ability to partake.


For the future we would like very much to expand the League with new clubs from our area

and the secretary would welcome interest from any new clubs.


Bowling is increasingly struggling for players particularly at weekends and with only 12 bowlers to find for each match it is hoped that our League can ensure the continuation of the small and medium sized club.

Bob Wright,


WestOx Mixed Bowls League.









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