WAPA - Western Australian Palomino Association Inc. Est. 1971.

Invest in Gold. Founded in 1971 and still going strong.

Newsletter Deadlines

Got some info for the Newsletter? Want to sell something in the Newsletter?

Want to advertise your Stallion at Stud?

Deadlines for the newsletter as per below, make sure you don't miss the deadline !!

 December/January issue 10th November 
 February/March issue 10th January 
 April/May issue 10th March
 June/July issue 10th May 
 August/September issue 10th July 
 October/November issue 10th September

As the newsletter is now electronically sent out to all who have provided their email contact details

it will be also listed on the WAPA website

If you would like to receive the newsletter via email

contact Bridget de Bijl tanjoet@hotmail.com

and you can be included on the mailing list or just check out the new

Newsletter page on this site !!


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