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We (Guinn & Imbri) founded "Pack Of The Werewolf Clan" as best friends, on 6-6-06 and it has been lucky ever since. We started thinking only to RPG with each other and close friends. However POTWC has long since out-grown it tiny beginnings.
With over 25 Active members, a peak of 21 posts in one day, and over 6+ years of RPGing under our belt, POTWC is by far the most active and popular Werewolf RPG Guild known to the interwebs and maybe beyond!


Due to our growing needs the guild has moved several times, and has done so yet again. Because of the extended hiatus, this has been a long time coming and definitely needed to expand for any new members who wish to join us. :) So, with that said I wish to announce that WE ARE TAKING ON A FEW NEW MEMBERS! *woot!* ^-^

Please join us as we begin our new, gripping plot, filled with intriguing twists and turns, over at our brand new forum! ► z13.invisionfree.com/werewolfrpg


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