Wench Productions LLC

Keeping abreast of theatre since 2005

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower women by presenting them with an outlet for their performance and literary talents. From the unknown newcomers to the often-ignored women over forty, it is our goal to help ensure that women's voices be heard and appreciated at every stage of life.

How it started

What happens when two creative, talented and intelligent women decide to put on a play by Shakespeare with an all female cast? They form a theatre company instead.

One spring night in 2005 Patti Azzara and Crysstal Hubbard changed from students and actors to business women. Without hesitation they threw themselves into the process of holding auditions, casting a show, picking a venue and registering as a Limited Liability Corporation. They were doing it all - before either reached the age of twenty-three.

Wench Productions LLC is the result. A company based on providing women with a way into the real world of the New York stage.

They provide an "in" for actresses, writers and performance artists who, until now have gone unheard, unseen and unknown. In addition, they fight against the notion that women in theatre aren’t employable after forty.

The face of New York theatre is changing, and it’s wonderfully female.