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The UK's Top Dwarf Hamster Breeder 2009

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                                 Latest News Flash 

Champion Wellingtons Lindt my beautiful normal campbell finishes the year winning her Grand Champion title.

Wellington Spartacus gained his 3rd certificate and is now a Champion.  His offspring have dominated the show scene with both sons/daughters winning classes, certificates and Best in Show awards now his grand children are also winning their classes a true mark of the excellent breeding potential of this hamster.  


We are the first Hamstery in the UK to have achieved Champions in three different species of Dwarf Hamster the campbell, the winter white and chinese. We have Certificate winners in four different campbell colours the normal, albino, argente and mottled along with Champions in three different colours of the campbell. We have Certificate winners in the 3 colours of the winter white along with Champions.  

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wellington Hamsters


Wellington Hamsters was founded in 1988 from two pet shop hamsters, not knowing what they were we contacted the hamster club and were told they were Russian Campbells, we were then persuaded to show them. At our first show we won all our classes including Best in Show. We have now gone from strength to strength winning over 180 Best in Shows and countless Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Shows, always placed in the top 5 in the Exhibitor of the Year awards, winning this title now 9 times. 7 times winner of London Championships and 7 times winner of Bradford Championships, winning the title of Best Overall Hamster 5 times.

Here at Wellington Hamsters we always strive to improve our stock and with the help of my friends in Sweden, Finland and Holland I have been allowed to import over the years some of their finest animals. We were responsible for importing the first Roborovski hamster to the UK in the early 1990's along with the albino campbell. We have been very fortunate to be able to show and judge in Sweden, Finland and Holland, and in 2003 we made up the first UK Dutch Champion with Wellingtons Carry on up the Kyber an argente Campbell. In 2004 we won the Swedish Championships winning the title of SM-04. We have made up Swedish, Dutch, UK and International Champions.

Due to changing circumstances in the past has meant I only concentrate on the dwarf hamster we  do not breed the syrian hamster. To compliment the hamsters we also have gerbils and have shown them with much success and have some excellent argentes and silver agouties.


In 2008 saw me interviewed by Carol Thatcher on the One Show BBC1 which is one of my claims to fame. And in 2009 I was very very happy to be included in the Time Team Dig at the Norman Cross Prison Depot along with the areas expert Paul Chamberlain, an experience I will never forget.


Another new event for 2008 was the arrival of the Altai Campbells who have totally won over the hearts of even the most hardened exhibitor with their antics, the Altais have also totally dominated the show scene and are still doing so in their great grand children. 


In 2010 We made history by winning Best in Show in two species at the Bradford Small Animal Championship show, by winning the Dwarf section and I also won my first Best in Show with a young Gerbil, this was a large show for gerbils and I was thrilled to bits to win this prestigious award, I also took, Reserve Best in Show (with the winning gerbils father, Buzz who was imported from Holland last year), Best Opposite Sex (Buzz again) and Best Juvenile in show with a young silver agouti -wow what a show

In April we make what is now our annual trip to Holland for the International Rebas Show, held in Houten near Utrecht. This show is incredible and the trophys have to be seen to be believed. It is organised and partly sponsored by my very good friend Rene, its a great pleasure to come and judge and exhibit at the show. Since 2010 we have been to the Rebas Show another 2 times, with wins at each show and in 2011 and 2013 we also won Best overall Dwarf hamster with wins in all 3 species and 3 titles.

I have also been awarded the trophy for the Best Dwarf Hamster breeder in the Midland Hamster Club, bless my little guys.


The Midland Hamster Club, Sid Skidmore Memorial Trophy for the Best Dwarf Breeder 2009


We will keep you updated on what happens this year, so please pop back for updates.