Barry Heard. Author

Marlo 2018

Visited Marlo on Sunday 17 and Monday 18 June. Had a meeting with 6 students from the Swifts Creek school about a book they are producing called Local Legends. It's a very good and well thought out project. I enjoyed watching Lucas celebrate his birthday. What a fine young man. The night went well, particularly the supper - thanks Sophie. . On Monday, we began at 9.00am, talked about Maths, science and books I would recommend reading - not one of them mine! and filled in most of the morning. Talk went well, many good questions and comments. Then time to go home. Thank you for your kind comments, hugs and handshakes. Lucas especially spoke very honestly and Scotlan is a a credit to his parents. Too many individuals to thank, including staff. Enjoy your break, please stay in touch with one another. Marlo is a marvelous school - my favourite.


3rd June 2018

Have had a couple of busy years - nothing to do with writing, the film or publishing. 

I am back writing at last and loving it. The fictional story, based in Indonesia is based on an incident I was told some 10 years ago. It was frightening - a kidnapping involving an Australian tourist - wait for more? 

Director - Ian Watson.