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Movie monsters and fake blood have nothing on the eldrich horrors that lurk within the human psyche.

Wonder as you read the book-length novellette "Dark Hunger" what terrible things lurk under the streets of your town, emerging periodically to feed. A 30-year-old sin returns to haunt a man in "Eve Bade Adam Eat", and in "Smitten With Her" a wife's past mistake sets the dominoes in motion for a sour future. Also included: a brief Poe pastiche and a rare--and favorite--example of the author's attempts at free verse.

 Conspiracies...unfaithful lovers...false friends...all very real horrors that you might someday wake up to. 

Contains the stories:

  • Dark Hunger
  • The Odd Account of Billy Butt-Wang
  • Beautiful Dreamer
  • Eve Bade Adam Eat
  • In Fame, Me (poem)
  • Good Friday 1865: The Death of the Second Messiah
  • Smitten With Her 


  • Recipient of Certificate of Participation, Genre Fiction Category, Writer's Digest 11th Annual Self-Published Book Awards


  •  "Dark Hunger"...was an engrossing novella peopled with strong diverse characters who came to life as soon as the story began. I found my self caught up in the suspense that continued until the last page. J.M. Sweet has a talent for getting into the heads of teenage girls that is unusual for a man, especially one who is no longer in his teens...This story was my favorite. It would make a great film." --Phyllis Taylor Pianka, judge, Writer's Digest
  • This story [Beautiful Dreamer] has some good ideas--I particularly liked Uncle Joe selling Pepsi...." --Gordon Van Gelder, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction



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