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Jul 2018

Issue #159


Next issue: Aug 2018


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The Belch Dimension Comics is now available as free downloads!
After many requests and much thought given, I decided to make issues available por nada through our partners at DeviantArt.com.  I started an account there a while back and more or less forgot about it... but when I realized how big that thing is,  and how many of my artist friends have comics and artwork over there, how could I say no?

So feel free to browse our little comic as a series of full-color downloadable .pdfs.  If you like what you can see, you can donate a few bucks, request an art print, commission a sketch or short story, or simply offer feedback.  More issues and seasons are slated for future updates, and remember, I'm always happy to talk to fans and answer any questions.    Happy reading!


For an alphabetical link to each story's plot, trivia, and goofs, click aqui.


Smoking Cat Reading Lounge

Secrets of a Teenage Superhero


 Ramble House

 Red, Yellow, and Blue:  The SweetTart Saga


Smoking Cat Productions

 North County Road 857, Virago, and La Corneta del Juicio are still available for free at the Reading Lounge.  Almasheol and Postcards of the Hanging are still sold through our partners at XLibris.

          To contact us directly please write or send your payment to

Smoking Cat Productions

PO Box 2, Armorel AR 72310

Remember: the better the demand, the more we'll be able to keep our prices low and competitive. We have zero overhead. We don't have a warehouse piled full of mouldering stacks of books. We ship your item out the moment we see cash in hand. 

    Buying at Smoking Cat is the perfect venue for those of you tired of being ripped off and harassed by those other book clubs out there, with their exorbitant prices and double-billing. We also provide services they don't, such as free short-story downloads--a sort of sample for for those who like to get a feel of my writing before they buy--and external buying links for those who like to comparison-shop for the best prices on the web. To say nothing of our wholehearted support for the underground and self-published writer just starting out. Now how many big-name glitz-and-glamour best-seller mail-order twelve-for-a-penny people will do that for you, eh? Eh?



 99 cents     2008


          "In Greek mythology, Tiresias was said to have been turned into a woman for smiting two mating snakes with his staff. Seven years later, when Lady Tiresias traveled the same road and came upon two snakes similarly entwined, she struck them with her walking-stick to become a man again. He later was blinded by Hera when, based on his own unique experience, he claimed a woman enjoys sex better than a man. Given the gift of divination by Zeus, the prophet later foretold the fall of Oedipus."


Ramble House--  $18.00


   What begins as a puzzling case of mistaken identity soon becomes murder and stalking -- but who is stalking whom? This twisted tale of betrayal and revenge is full of surprises that would even have Norman Bates guessing. One of Smoking Cat's most outrageous novels.


 Ramble House,  2007


 246 pages

  La  Corneta  del  Juicio   

"Frome had seen the damned thing sitting on Shoultry's desk a thousand times and always wanted to ask him who the other guy was. But for some reason he never got to asking the hardened nineteen-year veteran about it. So he simply looked into the old man's face--not so much a per-fectly chiseled stone visage by Michaelangelo but more like a rock molded into a semblance of humanity by, say, centuries of water flowing over its surface--and deferred to its grizzled wisdom and seniority by keeping his gob shut.

"It" was a simple wood-framed photo, one of the few personal touches on a desk cluttered with official precinct papers, of a smiling young Hispanic-looking man in a police academy-issue sweatshirt. Next to him, arm about his shoulder, was Sarge, about twenty years younger and fifty pounds less, in an identical garment. About my age then, I'd say, Dennis Frome of the Tesla Police Department murmured inwardly. You gotta wonder what turns this--he looked again at the smiling young Sarge with the Hispanic officer, both smiling and fresh out of basic--into that. He looked over at sour-faced Sgt. Adam Shoultry, his hardened balding head bent over his desk, deep in paperwork.

Frome might have never learned the story of Luis Gabriel if not for a chance mishap.... "

Dog's Breakfast

Oh,  where, oh, where has my little dog gone? ....

To hell.

Amateur Writerz



     "Student body" is about to get a whole other meaning....

The Second Mrs. Pecker

The scathing confession of a man imprisoned for the murder of his wife, who reveals in his first and perhaps final  diary entry that he did not act alone..... 

Ascent Magazine, Feb 2005

North County Road 857

You always remember your first crush. For 18-year-old Howard Russell, it was Dyla--a girl whose clothes never fit quite right and who could never  really fit in wth the popular kids. But there was something about her that attracted Howard--an Odd Sock, as he calls himself.

Ten years later, Howard published his journals, a bittersweet reflection of his school days, of life growing up in poor, rural Algodon Mills, Missouri; and of the indelible mark Dyla Gaddis left on his heart. "She was not a girl, but a being too good for this world," he wrote. "I wanted my goddess back, but it was too late." It's a touching and painful account that speaks, perhaps, to our own high school experience.

But don't call him a novelist. He's just a guy telling you what happened. 

Postcards of the Hanging


 XLibris Bookstore ,  2003

176 pages

     Bewildering Stories     


"The Kestron Lenses", #111-116

Serial Novellette

Chap 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Newspaperman Xavier Harold Stafford desperately needs glasses for his work. He can afford only a cheap pair, but they work...magically well. Sometimes you get what you pay for; only we have an inkling how dearly Harry is going to pay for what he gets.... 

Today's Famous Poems: On the Wings of Pegasus



Famous Poets, 2003     

*contains the memorable "When One-And-Twenty (The Ballad of Aggie H.)"*


368 pages 




 XLibris Bookstore,  2000


328 pages


The News & Interview Nook


     The author, on his birthday, gave a very revealing interview to a devoted sci-fi fan. In it he talks about gowing up a child of the eighties, gives an in-depth answer to that old chestnut, "What inspires you?", gives some tantalizing info about future projects and unpublished manuscripts, plays a little "what if...?" game, and shares some memories about things like workin' for The Man and the worst birthday ever.                                                 read HTML version


     The creator, writer, and artist of Belch Dimension Comics sits down with his favorite mod and outlines the history and nature of the American Left, as well as revealing how The Belch Dimension came to be, discussing some of his friends he's made at AJM, and waxing philosophically on the price of a good burrito.



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