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Web Hosting & Dedicated Server Glossary & Category Descriptions:-

Cheap Web Hosting                                                                                                      Cheap Hosting companies are a list of low cost web hosting companies which are ideal for small websites, a small business or a personal homepage. Budget Hosting should not be used for a highly visited website.

Unix Web Hosting                                                                                                          Unix Web Hosting companies are a list of hosts who offer hosting services on a linux platform. Most websites will operate on Unix Servers.Unix hosting  is housed on a UNIX based server, such as Linux or FreeBSD, and is usually facilitated by the Apache web server software.

Windows Web Hosting                                                                                                 Windows Hosting companies are a list of hosts who offer hosting services on a Windows platform.This is required on a web server that uses Microsoft Windows server software as it's operating platform, which allows web pages to use ASP and .NET

VPS Web Hosting                                                                                                      VPS Hosting companies or Virtual Private Servers as they are known are a list of hosts who for a business that is requires the power of a Dedicated Server but at a lower price. Virtual Private Servers are method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers such that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine.

Business Web Hosting                                                                             Business web hosting companies is for users looking to host a business web site. These can vary in price depending on whether you are looking for Dedicated Server for a large business or a shared hosting package which is more for a small business

Ecommerce Web Hosting                                                                            Ecommerce Hosting companies is for users looking to sell a product or service through an online website. This will require a shopping cart to allow transactions of payments to sell your products. E-commerce services are usually a little more expensive than standard hosting packages which is important to ensure you have a secure payment transaction service.

Dedicated Servers                                                                                   Dedicated Hosting companies is for users looking to set up a website on their own server. Rather than sharing with other websites on cheaper hosting packages, you will have your own exclusive server. This is important for business websites where you require a higher level of customer support and a much higher uptime so you site is accessible as much as possible and accounts for a high volume of visitors.

Managed Hosting                                                                                                        Managed Hosting companies is for users looking for hosting on a web server that is dedicated to one website only and includes more service and support by a managed hosting provider. This is generally wher you need a higher level of support for your dedicated server and is essential for a website of high uptime, security and a high level of customer support.

Reseller Hosting                                                                                                        Reseller Hosting companies is for users looking to sell a service on a hosting companies behalf. A hosting company will sell a service for example for $100 a year but this gives an opportunity for other users to resell a service for a higher rate and they make the diference in profit for selling another companies service. Reseller hosting providers offer this service to increase there customer base and allow others to do the website marketing for them. 

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